1992 Hyundai Scoupe LS 1.5 gas from North America


Great budget fun


Valve seals (fixed)

Brake calipers (fixed)

Starter motor (fixed)

Fuel pump (fixed)

Radiator (fixed)

Door seal (fixed)

General Comments:

A great budget car for first drivers or for commuters.

It handles great and has many standard features one would pay extra for even today. I like the dashboard layout and the comfy seats.

Excellent fuel economy (32 miles per gallon in town1!

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Review Date: 13th November, 2004

1992 Hyundai Scoupe Base / Sport 1.5L 4 cylinder. 16v from North America


Yarmouth Car


- Radiator was replaced before I purchased it.

- Gas meter stopped reading properly.

- Slight malfunctions in electronics.

- Starter had to be replaced at 160 000 KM.

General Comments:

This Scoupe is running on a 1.5 Litre 4 Cyl. 16 Valve engine, manual 5 speed transmission. The car has a fair amount of power and puts out around 95 HP and 100 Lbs of torque. The car has a decent top speed comsidering the HP at around 200 KM/H. 0-60MPH time is mostly found to be around 8 seconds flat when drivin right.

The car has decently comfortable stock interior and adjustable seats. The back seats are small, but a decent size for a 2 door coupe. Overall the interior of the car is a decent set up, with a small dash, fair sized glove compartment and an OK factory stereo.

The exterior of the car has a fairly sporty look for the 90's which it was designed.

It's almost impossible to find exterior modifications on this car, so if you're buying one for that purpose, I suggest you should look for something else unless you know how to fiberglass your own bodykits.

The car is a fun little car to drive around the streets of Yarmouth where I live. It handles easily with it's loose steering, but can take corners relatively well.

If I had to rate the car overall I`d give it an 8/10. :)

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Review Date: 26th October, 2004

19th Apr 2006, 08:13

Sorry, but your Scoupe' only has 81hp and 91tq from 91-92 they used a 1.5 litre overhead cam 8 valve engine and from 93-95 they used a 1.5 doch 12 valve engine that did 92hp and 97 tq. also you could get a turbo with 115 hp and 123tq.

1992 Hyundai Scoupe LS 1.5 from North America


Good car in the city


When I push the brake about 50 mph or more the wheel start shaking very bad.

I changed brake pads (all tire), front brake rotor, tie road end, front ball end, I have the balance checked, I have the front alligment done.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2003

1992 Hyundai Scoupe LS 1.5 FI from North America


Cheap reliable fun


Driver side door seal (fixed)

Valve seals leaked (now fixed)

Persistent brake squeak (not fixed)

Power window switch faulty.

Exhaust system rusts out very quickly!

Stuck thermostat.

Bumpers crack at the slightest impact.

General Comments:

Despite its cheap build quality and lack of refinement in some areas, My Scoupe LS has been the best car I have ever owed. It is nimble, thrifty on gas (32 Miles per American gallon in the city) and very comfortable.

Yes, it is noisy at high speeds, but not as bad as some cars this old. It could do with 10 more horsepower, but it fits me like a glove. After 2 hours driving, I'm not tired and my back is not fatigued, thanks to the adjustable lumbar support. There are lots of thoughtful features in this car that are only found in vehicles costing $1000's more. 5 star crash safety rating.

If you want to buy a used scoupe, be sure to check that the valve seals, have not perished, and that here is no rust.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2003

1st Oct 2005, 18:57

Your follow-up report is appreciated. Not many reviewers return to give updates!

1992 Hyundai Scoupe LS 1.5L from North America


Great little beginners car, or cheap sports car


The wires for the passenger side window melted from the motor, all the way through the dash.

Replaced the entire exhaust, it had a cracked manifold and a rusted out hole by the 90 degree angle under the back seat.

The bumpers are like paper, the second it's hit, it cracks or shatters.

The number 3 cylinder had a striped hole for the Spark plug.

The dash board cracked and has a large sun burned area above the steering wheel.

The clutch is slipping quite a lot. But it's manageable enough that it don't need replacement.

Paint on the spoiler oxidized, but nothing else.

It burns oil when it starts.

General Comments:

This car has almost no tread usage, yet gets traction on almost all surfaces.

A little expensive to get body parts.

It can get from 0-60 in about 12 seconds.

The doors are noisy when I drive it over 65 miles an hour.

The best buy anyone would get for 500 dollars.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2002