1993 Hyundai Scoupe GL 1.5L from North America

General Comments:

The best car ever made!!! What else can I say...

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Review Date: 5th March, 2001

1993 Hyundai Scoupe Turbo 1.5 turbo from North America


Good car for gas mileage concientious (?) people who need a little pep in their car


Uses a little oil, other than that, it runs fine.

General Comments:

Good little car. I am used to more power (Mustang 5.0), but have no complaints about its acceleration. Purchased for just under $2000, its been a great daily driver.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2001

20th Sep 2001, 15:46

I bought a hyundai Scoupe turbo 3 weeks ago. Only problem is the turbo doesn't work. Still, I was always been pleased riding it. When the turbo will be fixed, I think it's gonna be one hell of a car.

13th Jun 2006, 02:38

For the comment above mine, what turbo did you use it with?

1993 Hyundai Scoupe Turbo 1.5 turbo from North America


Don't bother getting it


Radiator blown.

Timing belts and other belts replaced.

New water pump.

Two radiator leaks.

Running daylights replaced.

Exhaust system replaced.

Power windows failed.

Electrical wiring was faulty.

Starting system replaced, and more.

General Comments:

I bought the car with no problems, I have had the car less than a year and it is terrible.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2000

21st Feb 2001, 02:14

Hello, a Hyundai needs a timing belt fitted every six years or so, and with a Hyundai they don't use chains, they use belts because the car gets better performance.

16th Jul 2001, 14:01

My car has the same problem with the windows, they don't stay up and when it rains the 93 Scoupe gets water in it.

Also I have to put oil in it every 2 days, at least two quarts.

When my timing belt snapped all my valves got messed up and I had to pay almost 800 dollars to get the mess taken care of.

Other than that, there is really nothing wrong with the car.

From Ahmad.

25th Jul 2001, 22:18

Ahmad, if you are putting that much oil into it, its probably the rear main seal dis-located itself. Honda Civics have the same problem. I encountered it and got it fixed.

5th Jul 2005, 06:16

What is it with the electric windows in these cars?? Both of my windows seem to have a mind of their own! For some reason, the windows go down fine until half way, and then go really slow. When I try to put them up it is like watching paint dry, and they go up on a weird angle and need to be "encouraged". I think the little holder things inside must be broken as-well as the electrics being bad. Other than the windows though, I LOVE THIS CAR!!!

1st Mar 2007, 23:06

Wow what a car... well that's what I thought when I bought it as a first car. Since I have had it it has just been a constant problem from having to replace the shocks to fixing the dodgy electric windows that apparently just break without warning. The performance of this car is actually quite good, but the rest of the car has a lot to improve. I'm selling this as soon as I can and buying a holden commodore. Honestly I can't wait to get rid of it!!!

1993 Hyundai Scoupe LS 1.5 SOHC from North America


Great when things run as they should


Air flow sensor. Numerous spark plug wire sets (5).

General Comments:

When I first bought the car it was great. Lots of pep, it kept up well at the light races in town. But after I washed the motor the car hesitated and had poor idle. I took it in to be serviced and I had to pay for a new fuel filter and new spark plugs. Seemed OK for about two days and the car was acting up again. I took it to another dealership because the previous one couldn't find the problem. The second shop said that it was a flow sensor in the intake, and also cleaned the intake manifold. Not any better. I seem to have found the problem myself after some trial and error. It seems that every time I change the spark plug wires it runs good until they burn up or foul some how. I've gone through 5 sets of cables, the last one lasted the longest - 8 months. Because I wrapped them with header insulating wrap to keep the heat off them. I talked with a shop recently which told me that it could be a faulty coil. I'll try that replacement as well as a new set of cables. I hope that this works. I enjoy my car and it is great when it isn't missing spark delivery.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2000

27th Apr 2001, 09:55

I love my car, however lately it has had me at my wits end. My car started missing so I put a new set of spark plugs on it. It ran great for a couple of weeks. Now it is missing again. I tried new fuel filters to no avail. Any advice?

19th Oct 2004, 14:15

Hi, this is a comment in reference to the problem of changing spark plugs, then having them go bad in a short time again. I had the same problem. I would change spark plugs and in a few weeks, the engine would be misfiring again. One evening I opened my hood while the engine was running, and saw my brand new cheap brand name plug wires glowing in the dark. The electricity was running on the outside of the wire on almost all of the plug wires. I pulled them off, and put my old factory set back on and the engine ran great! The new wires had a life time warranty, so I brought them back, they promptly replaced them, and I reinstalled. A few weeks went by and they went bad also! To make a long story short, I went around that block a few more times, always with the same result. The last set was brought back to the cheap auto parts place, I told them what they could do with them, and I am still using my factory plug wires, with no fouled plugs for 4 years. Cheaper is not always better!