1995 Hyundai Scoupe LS 1.5L from North America




Where to start? I bought my car for $1800. E-tested/certified at the beginning. All was good, then came the bodywork as it needed it; RUSTY SPOTS EVERYWHERE...

The car was badly damaged on the driver's side. Myself and my father fiberglassed the damaged area, and made it look new :)

New gas tank in the 1st year of owning it. Tiniest little pin hole was leaking. And a bumper; some person rear ended me :(

Within the last year I have replaced the fuel pump (original 95 pump), a gas pump thing that puts the gas in the motor from the gas tank, exhaust pipe (original), starter, alternator, shocks, struts and ball joints. I basically have a BRAND new 1995 Hyundai in 2013.

Just this last week my cooling fan stopped working. The car overheated 2 times in 1 day :( Being looked into to get it up and running again.

As for numbers, I don't recall any mileages for any repairs, but all I know is it works, it drives, and that's what matters :)

General Comments:

I love my car. I'm happy to be a DRIVER!

I just got my license 2 years ago, and learned a lot on how to fix and do whatever to a car that I had no clue how to do before.

I am a girl, and I basically remodeled my car on the outside; fiberglassed rusted spots, sanded, bondo'd, sanded and repainted the car to the colour it originally was (white), just no glossy finish. All done with my own 2 hands. My father supervised my progress :)

I have to say I am glad (more than glad, ecstatic) that I bought the car, and I love my car. The 2013 "PEPSI MOBILE" I call it, as it has a Original Pepsi logo on the hood. My nickname with a logo on either side "PEPSI GIRL" on the upper part of the rear window and PEPSI REP "unofficially of course" on the bumper, and an E-Plate that reads, while the brakes are on "Don't Drink and Drive and if you do Drink Pepsi!!!! M.A.D.D."

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Review Date: 9th August, 2013

10th Aug 2013, 23:22

Is that your 1995 Scoupe on cardomain.com? What's with the Pepsi addiction?

Anyways, I am happy that you enjoy driving, oppose drunk driving, and that you have used your mechanical interests to keep a Scoupe on the road. There aren't many left of these neat little cars.

1995 Hyundai Scoupe Turbo SE 1.5 turbo from UK and Ireland


Reliable and cheap car, but prefer the gen 1 coupe!


New clutch and gearbox replaced under warranty at no charge to me within the first 18 months of purchase.

Clutch slave cylinder failed at 45,000 miles.

General Comments:

This was my first Hyundai I have had, and owned it from new. The car has been very reliable, only costs being tyres, a new battery, replacement of a couple of coil springs on the front, and the clutch slave cylinder failed. Not bad in 13 years!!!

The car went very well for a 1.5 engine, but the gearing made it noisy; at least it qualified for cheaper road tax due to the small engine size.

The turbo pulled strongly, and never gave any trouble to me over its ownership. The ECU was remapped and made a big difference to mid-range performance, along with a K&N induction air filter.

Interior space was okay, but the dashboard and seats could have used better quality finish, that the newer Gen 1 coupe had, and was overall a much better car, but cost over £7000 more than this model.

Suspension was lowered as standard on this SE model, and generally was too hard and uncomfortable for poor UK roads. The car always sailed through it's M.O.T. (UK road test) without any advisories.

Overall a reliable and cheaply priced fun car, but do check on the bodywork on these, as most had rust problems around the rear roof and wheel arches. Now also becoming rare, as were never that popular a model, as superseded by the more expensive coupe SE Gen 1.

Before you think about buying the Scoupe, check out the Gen 1 coupe F2 Evo or the 2.0SE, on the second hand market; it's a better equipped and safer car, and worth saving up the difference for!

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2010