1995 Hyundai Scoupe LS 1.5 Litre SOHC Alpha from Australia and New Zealand


If it's got an Alpha or Beta motor, it will last forever!


So far...

I've killed 4 batteries due to my own stupidity.

Otherwise, nothing at all.

General Comments:

I bought this little Hyundai with the intention of keeping it for the rest of its life and running it into the ground. I didn't really know much about Hyundai when I bought my car, but since then my son has bought an XD Elantra and an X3 Excel. He was heavily influenced to buy the two Hyundai's because he has been extremely impressed with my modest little Scoupe.

While the car isn't anything exciting, it is a solid little car that just won't let you down if you look after it.

To this day it has not had a problem and continues to start first go, even if I haven't driven it for a while.

I don't know what else to really say about my little Hyundai, except that it has been a real pleasure to own and I take pride in looking after it.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2007

1995 Hyundai Scoupe 86,000 1.5 from North America


I love my car!


Nothing yet, that's a good thing.

General Comments:

It's a real good running car and has a lot of get up and go. get a performance exhaust and intake like I have. the car was fast before, but it flys now.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2005

15th Aug 2005, 10:16

Take good care of it and it won't fail you. My sister has a '93 Scoupe with 130,000 miles on it and it's been badly abused which has caused everything cosmetic to fall apart, yet mechanically it's held up well and still runs reliably. You can't kill these cars.

1995 Hyundai Scoupe M.V.I SE 1.5i from UK and Ireland


Reliable Car, Cheap to purchase and run - and best of all, it doesn't actually look like a Hyundai!


Electric windows stick a lot, probably need to re-grease the regulator & motor.

Theres also some slight wind noise/water leakage from the door rubbers, I think these will need replaced for Winter 2005.

Some slight rusting on the rear arches (bubble rust), however, the rest of the car is fine!

General Comments:

The only other Hyundai I have ever had a shot of was a 1998 R reg Accent, and my god what a disappointing drive that was.

Having said the above, the S-Coupe I believe is one of the better Hyundai models, nice interior, gear box is not too clunky (manual) plenty of low down torque, but would benefit from being a double cam, as opposed to Single.

For being a 1.5 its nippy... although to anyone looking at buying one of these, I would suggest trying to get your hands on the 1.5 Turbo model... which will leave many a modern hot-hatch in its wake!

All in all the car is actually very nice to drive, handles like a dream if you know when to put the foot down, and have the correct rev range.

As an extra note, the SE model comes with a full body kit - it looks TERRIBLE without!

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Review Date: 1st February, 2005

1995 Hyundai Scoupe GT 1.5 turbo from South Africa


Sleek affordable sports car


The exhaust manifold gasket had to be replaced.

Front hubs and wheel bearings replaced.

General Comments:

Amazing car with matching handling and very good performance.

Big modifications to happen early next year, then she's going to run away from just about anything.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2004

28th Dec 2005, 04:44

I love the Scoupe. If it's anything like my dad's Accent it's worth every cent. You're lucky to have found a good one. I've been looking for years and still can't find a good example. I've only seen a few bad looking ones for under R30000. Not worth it.

5th Feb 2006, 10:23

Make sure he fills up the gas tank before you take delivery.

Cos on a Scoupe, that doubles the value of the car.

20th Sep 2006, 16:28

Hi there, I have had my RED DEVIL now for 8 years it is only up a year ago that I have done changes to it, I have added a set of 17" rims, dropped the suspension and Tinted the windows, and I must say it looks damn fine, my next is to mod the engine and brakes. mail me for more info mygturbo@hotmail.com.