7th Mar 2001, 08:38

On the Superchips web-pages, upgrade the Hyundai Scoupe turbo with EEPROM plus high boost from 8-9 PSI stock to 14 PSI, plus intake air cool induction with a result of over 150 HP... 0-100 in less 6.9 seconds.

Edmundo Armingol



8th Aug 2001, 17:54

I also have a '93 S-coupe Turbo and I am looking to stick a Garret t3 turbo on it. But I am having trouble finding a turbo manifold to fit it. If anyone has any clues as to where I could find one to work, please e-mail me at: DRMANGL303@AOL.COM

Thank you.

3rd Sep 2002, 07:26

I've got a 95 Scoupe MVTI turbo. What's the difference between the GT-i and MVTI?

In mine I've embarrassed some big cars with its great, free revving, little motor.

Not the most comfortable, but hey I didn't buy it for that. I bought it to be different.

Ian, ian_mackrill@bushinternet.com


31st Jan 2003, 06:56

Hi, I also have SCoupe Turbo GT, and I've fill it with intercooler from "VW Lupo", and big Sports Air Filter "KingDragon". I'm wondering if you could tell me how to get this 165hp. My E-Mail is LWBZIK@POCZTA.ONET.PL.

13th Feb 2003, 11:48

I have an S coupe SE turbo. Whats the different with the GT.Has any one got any good modding tips. Someone please tell me at least how much psi I can run the standard turbo at because I am killing mine at the moment.

E-Mail Mackpvfc@aol.com PLEASE.

5th May 2003, 12:15

I have a 94 S coupe GT. I would like to find out about the computer chip I am in Schweinfurt Germany and the car is not very popular here. If you have any suggestions please e-mail me at, spcrayjusarmy@hotmail.com thanks..

15th Jun 2003, 18:15

Hi! I have a Hyundai Scoupe Turbo too. Its engine is a 1.5L SOHC that reached 230 bhp on the "dyno".

You need money to make your Scoupe reach this HP. In its engine I have installed a T3/TO4 hybrid turbine at 21psi using original pistons and no modification to the head block. Also it has an MSD (multiple spark discharger), a fuel pressure regulator, a ram air connected to the turbine intake, a racing fuel pump, Grand National injectors, a HKS valve, an intercooler, a Turbonetics delta gate, header, an Elantra flow meter, and an APEX'i computer to change the settings.

In the transmission, I have installed a racing clutch. With 17" tires it does 13.5 sec. in a 1/4 mile, and with slick tires, 12.4 sec. in a 1/4 mile.

Edgar Díaz


22nd Jul 2003, 23:06

Hi, I am thinking of buying an Scoupe Turbo!

With a front mounted intercooler, a new exhaust from the turbine and back with a diameter of 55mm-60mm, a T2 or T2.5 turbine and a new program chip, which sends the pressure to 1-1.2 bar, the car surely reaches 210bhp.

If anyone has photos of a 1.5 litre turbo engine or diagrams of this motor, please email me at salabren@yahoo.gr

21st Aug 2003, 07:26


I would like EDGAR DIAZ to send me his email so I can find out what I need to do to get my Scoupe GT to replicate his.

My email address is silloc@caribsurf.com.


Collis Maloney.

8th Jun 2004, 16:09

I am looking to buy a S-Coupe, but there are so many models I'm confused, I just want the fastest one? Help?

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