2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited 2.4 from North America


Nice, comfy, reliable ride. Worth buying


1) 33,000 miles: I bought the car from a Hyundai dealer; however, it was the second day of ownership and the car would have a growl or old creaking ship noise when braking. Just before I bought the car, the dealer replaced the brakes, but put in eco-friendly entry level brake pads. After being at the dealer 3x, they replaced the pads with upgraded ones for free and resurfaced the rotors, and I have never had an issue since.

2) 55,000 to present miles at 58,000: Lately I have been having an issue with the passenger side front seat. The passenger seat belt light will flash after making hard sharp turns. After the turn, the light will shut off. The dealer has tried to reset the system. Replaced the seat track where the sensors are located, but it still continues. I will be at the dealer tomorrow for the 4th time on the same issue.

General Comments:

This car really has been good to me. The engine defect did kinda of scare me, but every manufacturer has their issue. My 2.4 four cylinder engine is in the defect lawsuit that is plaguing many Sonata 2.4 engines. While making the engines, metal shavings were not cleaned from the cylinder walls. Thus over time, the metal caused excessive wear and eventually seizes the engine. It is mainly the 2011 and 2012 engines that are having this issue. But comparing it to the 2014 Chevy Cruze I had, this car blows it out of the water. I had the Cruze brand new with 16 miles on the car and had problems day one (CV axle replaced, coolant leak, list goes on, LOL).

The Sonata is pretty roomy. I do wish the rear passengers had more head room, but overall, even with my seat a good 70 percent rolled back, the back seat people have plenty of room. The trunk is crazy huge; I was amazed at what I could stuff in the trunk.

Gas mileage could be better, but is not horrible. Mainly city with one or two days highway. For Minnesota weather, below 32 degrees, I get about 20 MPG combined (negative degree weather, forget all about gas mileage, your car is just trying to survive at that point). Between 32-50 degrees, I can get about 21-22 MPG. Above 50 degrees and the weather is very warm, I can get 25ish MPG. (** all depending on my driving style**!!)

The ride control is very nice and smooth, but I do wish the car was not so noisy. I can definitely hear a lot of road and wind noise. On some phone calls, people think I have my window open. The engine does sound bit "tingy" like a four cylinder. I want a V8 power and sound, but there goes my gas mileage. Haha. The car has really nice throttle response. Very nice, peppy go for a four cylinder engine. I can haul butt when I want to. That also may be why my gas mileage is so random. Haha. I drove to central Illinois and it was very comfy for the 7 hour and 450 mile ride there.

I get my oil changes every 5,000 miles at the dealership. I put in synthetic oil, and suggested items like injector flushes just to help protect the engine a little more. Everything I do to this engine and/or car, I have done at the dealer (except tires, I bought elsewhere).

I have the Limited model, which has sunroof, leather, 17" wheels, but I do wish I had the touch screen navi, but my car insurance thanks me because they said if I did, rates would go up.

*** In the 1 year and 3 months, I really do love this car. I didn't rack up nearly 25,000 miles in just over a year for nothing. Haha. I really would look into buying another Hyundai. BUT... I am only at 58,000 miles, I have not owned this car long enough to see how long the parts will last and how much that will be to fix. This was more of how reliable is it and can I sit in the car without hurting? It is reliable and yes comfy enough to last a 7 hour drive without problems. Haha.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2017

9th Feb 2017, 16:44

Was looking at some used Sonatas recently because it's a good looking car, and prices can't be beat for that much extra equipment on a car. But carcomplaints.com has just too many complaints for me. Especially the 2011 model. Hopefully they will resolve some of those problems in the future, especially some who had engine problems. Hyundai left many of them high and dry, saying there was no problem with their engines.

10th Feb 2017, 09:47

There must be a reasonable number of differences in cars being produced in different countries. The issue you had with the 2.4 engines is unheard of here in New Zealand. A friend bought a 2005 brand new, admittedly a 3.3 V6, but the lack of noise was the first thing I noticed - even on "coarse chip" country roads here, the car was very silent inside. I think the noise insulation for cars sent here and Australia have been upgraded due to the pavement. In your case, perhaps change the tyres to quieter ones, they do make a difference. For road noise, I also noticed that Japanese cars sold brand-new here tend to be quieter than the exact same model brought in as used imports from Japan, I was told it was because the roads in Japan are smooth and so cars don't need as much sound deadening. Perhaps that is how US-built Sonatas are configured.

2013 Hyundai Sonata from North America


Hyundai's improved reputation doesn't match the still cheap cars


The stock tires are deathtraps in the snow. Same problem exists on Hyundai Genesis, so my number one advice to Hyundai shoppers, besides saying don't buy a Hyundai, is to suggest that you factor a new set of tires into the cost of the car unless you live in the south.

Oil leak after only two years. Dealership service dept claimed it was a perished seal on the oil plug. How does that go bad in a two year old car? When replaced, the car still leaked.

Battery dead after only two years. Not merely needing a charge; it no longer held a charge. Again, how does this happen after two years? No, I did not leave lights on or anything like that. In 20 years I only ever had a battery die on me one other time, and that was an almost 10 year old car.

General Comments:

Performance comes and goes. Sometimes you step on the gas and get a nice peppy response. Other times, I only get a gentle acceleration. As if it were in too high a gear, and wouldn't adjust no matter what I did.

The bottom hinge gas pedal forces my leg further forward in order to get my toes on the end of the lever. This is uncomfortable.

The seats are not particularly comfy.

There's a cheap plastic engine protector under the car that tore off on light contact with a curb.

Gas mileage doesn't come anywhere near advertised.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2015

9th Feb 2017, 23:32

I had to admit about the poor gas mileage - 16 MPG, strictly city, very gently driven, and the rather hard seats. As for the battery, no matter what the dealers/mechanics say, a battery must last a good 8 years. Remember, you can get an original cell phone battery that lasts long enough, or you can buy a Chinese copy that will last half that much. So yes, a battery that lasts two years, whatever they say, it was faulty unless the alternator had an issue.