28th Jul 2007, 20:16

I agree. I considered buying one years back, but I knew they hadn't been around very long, so I passed on the car. I should have bought it.

Right now I'm looking forward to test driving the new Accent hatchback. That'll probably be my next car if not a new Corolla. The Accent is about 4 grand cheaper, which might make the difference.

What I know about Toyota is that every one I've had gets well beyond EPA gas mileage ratings; to the point that some people don't even believe me or think I'm miscalculating when I tell them that my v-6 4wd Tacoma has gotten 23 and 24 miles to the gallon on long trips, when it is only rated for 17-19.

I'm researching Hyundai right now and if I find that they also tend to do better than expected, the Accent will be my next car.

4th Aug 2007, 12:37

I've just rented one for the weekend since we have guests that unexpectedly showed up for an extended visit. My regular car is a Mazda6.

First impressions: Not the best looking car I've seen... especially after the eyes have gotten used to the sexy lines of a Mazda.

The interior looks, well, unimaginative. I swear I've seen the same dashboard on an Accord :) Quality of plastics and solidity/feel of the interior still isn't up to the level of my regular car.

Seats are firm, but completely flat. Most cars today have seats that "hug" the body... i.e. lumbar support and side bolstering. The Sonata's seats were flat.

Power from the 16V 4-banger is good... surprisingly enough. Suspension, however, feels mushy and the car looks like its riding on stilts. I dread taking curves/corners in this car.

Love the XM satellite radio that came with the car. I might just insist on driving this rental, just for the XM radio. :)

14th Aug 2007, 22:01

Never change the oil in a brand new car before the mileage recommended; it's a special oil with detergents to clean the engine in its breaking in period; even the dealers can't have it, I know as I used to work in the parts department.

21st Oct 2007, 11:26

What is Amsoil 0-30 oil? Is there something special with this type of oil?

15th Apr 2008, 09:02

I fell in love my 07 Limited the moment we met in the showroom floor! But there are some things I would like to see Hyundai improve on.

My most serious "complaint" is; when driving over bumps, or an uneven road, the suspension feels like it bottoms out; same kind of feeling you get when you hit a bad pothole, and in Brooklyn we got a lot of that...

I think I heard, higher aspect ratio tires would improve this condition.

Although I like the interior, I would like to see the brushed aluminum plastic pieces, like the door release handles and the center console shifter plate, replaced by chromed metal. That would give the car a more solid feel!

And yes, one last thing: lose the body paint color insert on the door handles...



Brooklyn, NY.