10th Apr 2012, 10:47

OP here again. I am talking about real world city driving numbers here, not a 20 minute commute on a 55 MPH interstate from one suburbia to another.

I also live in an area that is very hilly, and has very cold winters. My typical rural interstate speed is 75 MPH, and I am a rather aggressive driver.

The 2011 Fusion 4-cyl has only 175 HP compared to my Sonata's 200, and is far more plagued by drive train and electrical issues than the Sonata of the same year.

I test drove a 2011 Fusion 4-cyl and a Chevy Cruze before purchasing the Sonata, and I was not impressed with either the Ford or Chevy. The Ford had poor visibility, choppy, jerky shifting and an awkward instrument panel design. I was impressed with the fit/finish of the Cruze, but the performance was lacking, and I worry about long-term reliability issues with a brand new turbo engine. Honestly, for the first year of ownership, I didn't like my Sonata either, but it has really grown on me.

Bring your Fusion to my neck of the woods, and I doubt you will be claiming those same MPG numbers.

11th Apr 2012, 18:17

I've driven both the Sonata and the Fusion, and found both to be silky smooth. The Fusion shifted seamlessly, and had a very luxurious feel to it.

I can't imagine anyone finding the Fusion hard to see out of! The lines of the Sonata make vision to the rear much more difficult.

I also can't imagine anyone thinking a Fusion might not be reliable. Consumer Reports has ranked the Fusion "Much Better than Average" (its highest rating) all the way back to 2006. That's better than the grossly over rated Camry or Accord.

I do prefer the styling of the Sonata, but the 2013 Fusion is being totally redone and looks absolutely awesome. Both are good cars, but over 80% of the Sonata is manufactured outside the U.S., and for that reason alone I'd buy the Fusion.

13th Apr 2012, 15:57

I'm afraid you are rather incorrect. Only the hybrid Sonata is manufactured outside the US. The regular and turbo Sonata's are almost 80% manufactured in the US at the Montgomery Alabama manufacturing plant... The Fusion is made in Mexico. Not trying to start an argument. But yeah...

17th Apr 2012, 20:22

People confuse "assembled" with "manufactured" a lot on this site. Yes, the Fusion is ASSEMBLED in Mexico... from parts MANUFACTURED in the U.S. The Sonata is ASSEMBLED in the U.S. from parts MANUFACTURED in South Korea. There is a HUGE difference.

MANUFACTURED in the U.S. means American workers benefit more, because manufacturing parts employs far more workers than assembly plants do. Always check the window sticker. It is required to show the percentage of the car MANUFACTURED in the U.S. If it is less than 50%, don't buy it.