28th Jul 2018, 09:19

Yet another two or three things from the original owner.

I fixed the brakes like in the video linked above, and the car brakes now better, with better bite and a more natural pedal feeling.

Speaking of the Smart cruise control, keep in mind that the system can be overtaken by depressing the gas pedal to accelerate the car more: however if the gas pedal is depressed, the car will no longer brake automatically if there is an obstacle in front.

I also have a complaint to Hyundai about the venting system. The car has only these choices of air venting: windshield+feet, front+feet, front. There is no option for windshield only or windshield+front vents which would have been useful (I have these options on my other car, a Volvo).

Speaking of vents, the A/C in this vehicle is not very strong, so think twice if you live in Texas and want to buy this car. The air is just not chilling cold.

Lastly, I have to say that the GPS system is terrible in this car. The way the addresses are entered, the sequence of buttons that need to be pressed, the way the system is organized is just poor. I'd much rather use the GPS on my phone instead.

29th Jul 2018, 11:19

Thanks for the regular updates. Interesting comments about the vents. I've had this problem on all cars post year 2000.

Climate controls are horrible and unintuitive on most modern cars. In the 80s and 90s they had it right - simple controls and one touch buttons for air con/demisting. But nowadays you have to read every word in the manual for some simple tasks.

It is also dangerous while driving having to stare at 100 buttons trying to find the setting you need.

27th Aug 2018, 22:10

Your above comment had me remember the Audi Q5 we had before this actual car. I've reviewed this Audi on this site, it's the 2011 one. Well, while overall the Audi was very well designed, the center console with the climate controls was like out of the Space Shuttle (never been inside the Shuttle, but I just imagine how complex it could be). Literally the complexity was such that it was simply impossible to adjust safely by the driver while on the road. I happen to have studied mechanical engineering and I know most companies hire what's called an ergonomics designer, which is essentially the guy that makes sure all that technology behind is EASILY accessible to Mr. and Mrs. Everybody. A very, very critical part in designing objects of daily use (and that includes cars of course). Too many car makers today want to make a 'trendy' product and end with touch interfaces even for radio buttons, when it is clear that the easiest interface for a radio will always be the all very cheap and common rotating knob.

29th Aug 2018, 01:51

Yes I get what you are saying. I have always known that car manufacturers use ergonomic designers that spend a lot of time getting general comfort right, but lately seem to go with their own personal wacky ideas in regards to some basic controls.

I still maintain that 80s and 90s cars had the best interiors, if you took an executive car like a BMW 5 series for example. Plenty of electronic controls - yet so simple and easy to use. Nowadays an equivalent 2018 car is as you compared your Audi, like a space shuttle.

Myself, my dislike for modern interiors stared in the early 2000s with a Volkswagen I had. The arm rest folded down and got in the way when you went to use the handbrake! It's like no one ergonomically tested the car! In more recent years, some cars have an electronic handbrake, but I hate those as well. A lever is fine if it's positioned correctly. As for the climate controls, they all seem to be interfaced with the radio, which is fine but you still need to read the manual sometimes - dangerous for someone like myself that drives multiple cars for a living and does not always have time to read a 300 page manual cover to cover.

13th Nov 2018, 22:06

Updating this again with two more or less small issues. The seal around the sunroof glass (it's the panoramic one) got trapped by the glass and needs replaced. Not sure when and why this happened, but worth checking yours and this will let water past the glass when closed and dirt may clog the sunroof drains and cause water leaking under the carpets. See the video linked.

The second issue is a smaller one but probably most owners will notice it: the rubber seam near the door gets easily damaged when entering the car. Shown as well in the video.


5th Jan 2019, 10:10

Time for yet another update, and this time it may be the first perhaps let down on this car. You may be surprised to read that it's actually an apparently very small detail, but for me it has its importance. We drive the car rarely on long distances (highway) but yesterday we went for a longer trip to the US (I'm in Canada). Being winter and close to 30F (0C) the snow was melting and the highway was wet and dirty. We had to use a lot the windshield washing fluid. It turns out, at 60mph speed, with the air flow, the washer spray goes rather to the bottom of the windshield, instead of spraying higher in the view area. The wipers still clean properly, but it takes a lot of fluid and it's just not efficient. Once parked, I looked see if the spray nozzle can be adjusted as on many other cars. It turns out, it is fixed and can't be adjusted as far as I can see. Not a problem in city driving where the air flow is not strong and doesn't push the spray stream downwards, but if you drive long distances in areas with long winters, I would not recommend this car for you (yes, even for such a small detail). I will look again see if something can be done about those spray nozzles, but if not, Hyundai must update this part and fix the issue.

5th Jan 2019, 22:01

Unusual, one would think that they would build the washer jets to have a level of adjustability, since the jet throw is not going to be consistent. Hyundai makes cars that are sold also in Germany, and are driven at autobahn speeds of well over 160 km/h (100 MPH) on a daily basis. Ask the Hyundai dealer or technician about this, they may have something on their books, but it's good that you pointed this out.

17th Feb 2019, 13:30

Thanks, will point out the windshield spray issue to the dealer on the next visit.

Until then, I've done a video with about all the issues our Sonata had, and how the Hyundai dealer fixed these (except for the brake pads issue).