23rd Oct 2004, 08:05

Hi, I have a 2000 Hyundai Sonata!

Bought it used at 36,000 miles, every since I had it the sensor light was on, no one left me know there was a recall on it. at 55,000 miles it totally stopped left us sit 25 miles away from home. My husband is a mechanic he could not even get it to start, had her towed to a dealer, well that was the biggest mistake, they said the timing belt slipped? and some other nonesense, most was suppose to be under warranty except for the belt, well we told them for that $$ we can do that, meanwhile, they had my car for 2 weeks! said they were waiting for sensor to come in that was joke, picked up my car its been running terrible every since.. two/three weeks later while driving my car I noticed no air conditioning and the steering totally locked up, the serpintene belt broke, luckly I was at a near by garage and I know the owner he looked at it for me..

Seems since I had that dealer work on my car, only because it was under warranty I have had nothing, but trouble with this car.. They are a nice roomy vehicle. and was a reliable car at one time..

20th Nov 2004, 14:58

We recently bought a 98 Sonata from a private party. They told us that the passenger side window wouldn't roll up or down, but they didn't think it would cost much to fix. The next week, the driver side door became stuck and couldn't be opened from either inside or outside.

I took it to the nearest (45 miles away) Hyundai dealer yesterday and was given an estimate of $200 to fix the window (new motor needed) and $350 for the door! Reading your comment, I agree that Hyundai needs to take responsibility for this apparently common problem. I'm going to the website you gave to register a complaint next! We don't feel the car is worth $550+ to fix so we're going to try to take our losses and trade it with a reliable mechanic we know. Boy, do we feel ripped off! No more Hyundais for us.