19th May 2010, 17:06

I have a 2003 Hyundai Sonata (95,800 miles). Just had a recall on the sub-frame done and shortly after, started having brake light issues.

First, the mounted brake light started flickering on and off. Then would stay on when not pressing brake pedal. Then the door started unlocking by itself while driving. Then the lights on the doors started coming on when all doors were shut properly. Then my brake lights would not dim out, now I have no brake lights at all.

Dealer said I needed new brake light switch. So I had it replaced. Still no brake lights. My mechanic replaced the switch, still didn't work. Thought part could be defected, so exchange it for another one and basically the switch is obviously not the problem. Still have 2 1/2 years to finish paying for it and I'm so fed up. Can anyone help me?

25th Sep 2010, 15:18

I have a 2011 Sonata. I get a bad taste just after the car is warmed up. It started after I had the car just 8 weeks. Other people said they feel light headed. Has anyone heard about a taste or smell? I now have 2,300 MILES.

13th Nov 2010, 17:59

My 04 Sonata vibrates so bad that my false teeth chatter along with the plastic in the car. This happens as soon as the car is started, but does increase as the engine speed does. I had the mounts replaced, timing belt and balancer belts replaced that the dealer had said was the problem, and if not, it was the torque converter was out off balance.

Does anyone know if possibly there are some weights that I might add to the torque converter, or something like that?

24th Mar 2011, 15:25

I have had the same problem. Can you clue me in?

4th Apr 2011, 21:16

Did you find any answer to the headlight issues? My 2004 Sonata burns out the right headlight every 2 - 3 months. I was told today it might be from putting a heavy purse or books on the passenger seat... NOT. Oh my...

29th Apr 2011, 20:51

Is this some kind of a joke. You can't really be serious about the car being junk because you crashed with it, can you?

I will have to assume you wrote this to be funny.

11th Jun 2011, 21:23

I just purchased a 2003 Hyundai Sonata, and I do not have problems with the windshield wipers. Maybe you need to buy new ones. Just saying.

5th May 2012, 15:28

My husband had to take passenger wheel off and top motor mount to change the water pump in our 2003 Sonata, then he had to line up all the timing gears to put back together. My car was down for days.

My Sonata also vibrates only in gear and at stops. He has changed motor mounts, and that wasn't the problem; still vibrates.

7th May 2012, 08:24

If your husband did not "roll the balance shaft gear" to the mark and just lined it up, then the reason your car is vibrating is because the balance shaft is off time. You can't just line that gear up (it's the gear just to the right of the crankshaft gear). Spin it over until it "rolls to a stop" on the timing mark. Then re-time the engine. Should take care of most of your vibration. But be aware, these motors (2.4 liter 4 cylinder) have an inherent vibration. I've worked on hundreds of them, and every one does it after a while. You can do anything and replace anything you want, and it will still have a slight shimmy on idle. Nature of the beast I'm afraid.

16th May 2012, 14:25

My husband said he did all of that. We had a vibration before he changed the water pump. What he did do was give the car more horse power. Somebody had worked on the car before he said. If anything he made it run better, but did not help the vibration at all. I would really like to know why it does it.

19th May 2012, 14:49

"The washer blades had to be replaced at 8,000 miles"

I hardly think this should be listed as a problem with the car - you're talking about wiper blades here, they do wear out and if they worked properly for the first 8,000 miles, I tend to doubt it is a design flaw with the car.

10th Aug 2014, 07:43

I have the exact problem with my Hyundai Sonata.

15th Oct 2014, 13:42

I have seen similar questions to mine, but no answers, but maybe I missed them. Here goes... I have a 2003 Sonata, and the power steering cuts out and the battery light comes on when driving in heavy rain and making a turn, OR when I drive through large amounts of standing water (and yes, I avoid standing water when I can, thank you).

And the second issue I saw mentioned but no reply is the headlight. The driver's side headlight has to be replaced 3 times more often than the driver's side does. What may be the issue? We have even replaced both bulbs at the same time to test this theory and it remains true. Driver's side burns out, passenger side working fine and is as bright as ever.