21st Apr 2006, 08:17

Well, I just took my car back to the dealer on Tuesday for the 3rd time. Squeaky/Squeal is still with us. The dealer claimed to hear the noise from the front. They told us they had checked the back brakes, rotors and bearings and found no issues...again. They said the only thing they found was some rust and dirt on the front pads. They cleaned them and told us it was good to go. We went to pick it up and didn't make it a mile down the road before the squeal was back. We took it right back to them and the service manager had the tech pull all four brake pads. Supposedly they found a loose bolt on a rotor (back/right) and claimed that was the issue. They tightened it up and all was quiet for a day or so. Today is Friday and the squeak is back with a vengeance. The curious thing to me is that it doesn't squeak when I use the brakes. It squeaks when I'm driving (accelerating or at a steady speed) and when I turn... mostly to the right. Any thoughts on this?

3rd May 2006, 18:05

The factory does keep track of dealers warranty repairs for a lot of different reasons. One is to make sure dealers don't do too much of one kind of work. It is possible that a rogue manager could submit false claims and that's one reason for factory tracking. The other is to see trends in their vehicles. There is no real reason for a dealer not to complete a legitimate warranty repair it is a profit center... And that is what they are there for...

1st Sep 2008, 11:22

We purchased a 2005 Sonata in March, 2007 from the local dealer. It had 32,000 miles on it and a new set of Goodyear Eagle tires. AIr conditioner failed in the spring of this year-losing freon rapidly. Some dye indicated a crack in the condenser coil.

Went back to the dealership to purchase a coil--was asked the exact date of manufacture of the vehicle and the VIN. They said there had been a change in design during the year of manufacture. Didn't make any difference--they didn't have the condenser coil, but it would be $450 (in the box) if they did.

Went home and ordered on on line from RockAuto for $179 and it was delivered two days later. Took two hours to change it out and recharge the system. RockAuto knew nothing of a mid-year change and the part fit well.

Trying to adjust the headlamps per the owners manual is enlightening. Low beams are too low, but the high beams are just right. The owners manual gives great instructions for adjusting the low beams-what it doesn't tell you is that the low beam adjustments also adjust the high beams. Three letters to the Hyundai headquarters and two telephone calls for written instructions as to how to correct--their response---contact your local dealer.

The Goodyear Eagle tires lasted less than 35,000 miles. Won't buy any more of those!