15th Nov 2007, 17:20

I recently purchased a 07 sonata ltd v-6, I am pleased with the overall performance of the car. however I heard a thumping noise from the rear of the car when I applied the brake. I went to the Hyundai service dept, they said it was the gas tank and replaced it. the car still makes the same sound when tank is full, and the mechanic claims the sound is a design flaw... what do I do next.

26th Nov 2007, 10:31

I bought a used 2006 - 13,000 miles. Drives great, has great performance, etc. The lights dim noticeably when I slow down if I have all of the electrical options going - radio, heater, rear defroster, etc. Also, there is a definite CLUNK in the rear suspension when I drive over rough roads. Service dept told me they can't do any better.

Oh well - used car.

17th Mar 2008, 09:32

2007 Sonata noise from rear when you brake, do not anger that the service guy said it is normal. Why should this car make but some don't?

20th Mar 2008, 12:14

I have an 06 Sonata with the 5 speed manual. It now has 80,000Kms on it (I drive a lot) and the average mileage, which I keep track of, is 30 mpg. The best is 38 mpg.

I really don't have any complaints so far, the suspension seems quiet and there is no noise from the gas tank that I have noticed. The 2.4 has been excellent, I even tow a 17 ft boat with it and it barely notices it is on the back. The car has been fantastic in the snow, and we have a lot up here in Canada. We set a record this year with over 440 cm (14 ft) of snow, and I drove every day to work 140 kms return.

29th Mar 2008, 09:16

In Sept 05, I bought a 06 Sonata. To say it is the worst car I have ever owned would be an understatement! I have sloshing in the gas tank, when the tank is full. I also have the suspension noise that others describe. When the car was made, they missed a weld, which resulted in a creaking noise in the rear. It took 8 trips to the dealer in order for them to figure it out, and fix. At one time, the gas gauge did not go above half, even when the tank was full, and then a fuel sensor went bad. I also had to have something replaced in the transmission, as the car would shake when shifting at around 45 mph. I also had to have the drivers side door handle replaced, as it would get stuck in the open position, preventing me from closing the door. The one thing that was always a positive, was the gas mileage. I would get 24/25 mpg in the city, and 34/35 mpg on the highway. But now all of a sudden, I barely get 20mpg in the city, and 30 mpg on the highway. Took it the dealer, but they can't find anything wrong with it. The dealer tells me that because it is within Hyundai standards, they can't even really do anything about it, as Hyundai will not reimburse them for the looking in to it. Bad bad bad!

30th Aug 2008, 00:59

I currently own a 2006 Sonata GL with the 4 cylinder in it and absolutely love it.

I have 45,000 miles on it, and do notice the fuel sloshing when the tank is full. I have talked to the the Hyundai company and they said it is due to a lack of a baffle that was not put in the Sonata's. No big deal.

Also the suspension noise that everyone is talking about bothered me for about 30,000 miles, until finally after the 4th trip to the dealership, it was found to be a bad upper control arm bushing and was replaced the next day. It was coming from the front drivers side wheel well. So it is a suggestion.

Other than that, I love this car and am very pleased with it. Looked at Hondas and Nissans, and didn't want to pay extra for safety features, thanks Hyundai.

27th Sep 2008, 05:47

I have a 2007 Sonata 3.3 Limited that I've put 35000 miles on since Sept 2006. The car runs like a Swiss watch, no funny sounds from underneath and no sloshing. It is white and it looks great and I've had it up to 139 MPH smooth as glass. I love this car.

27th Sep 2008, 09:09

I also own a 2006 Sonata GL, and there's so much noise about the gas swishing around. When there is more than 1/2 tank of gas in the tank, the gas swishes around when even you touch the brake, like you won't believe it. It is so annoying!

Took it to Hyundai dealership, they changed the gas tank and the noise is even worse now! I am so fed up up with making so many trips to Hyundai, when they're not even trying to resolve the issue. Hyundai service = very poor.

As for the suspension noise in the back, it comes and goes.

I just wanted to know if there's anyone out there who has a 2006 Sonata, that has the same problems as me. Now Hyundai is saying they can't do anything do fix the issues; that means they don't care about their "customers". Will never buy a Hyundai again in my life!

26th Oct 2008, 20:17

I own a 07 Sonata, and I'm experiencing the suspension creaking noise, and the thumping knocking noises of the gas tank.

The suspension noise, the dealer says no such noise when they tested it.

The gas tank noise, one service guy says it's not normal, while the other one says it is. He even took me out on an 09 Sonata and showed me the thump. It was there as well in the 09 version, but it was so quiet compared to what I'm hearing. The noise is so loud in my car you'd think there's someone trapped in the trunk. Man oh man...

Besides the frequent trips to the dealer, I still think this car is of great value for the price. I just hope they find a way to address these issues. Has anyone tried to talk to the Hyundai Corp.? Does that help? I don't think my dealer is helping much.

23rd Dec 2008, 19:18

I've owned a Sonata V6 since March '06. Overall the car has offered great value for the price. My Sonata does not produce any gas tank noise. However, it seems as the temperature gets colder the rear suspension clunking becomes noticeable. Other than this annoyance, no negatives.

26th Jan 2009, 10:19

I have a V6-2006 Sonata and have noticed some of the issues that everyone is talking about. I hear the fuel tank noise but it goes away after the gas goes down. The noise is caused by the tank being full and the gas hitting on the walls of the tank. Small price to pay. As for the suspension noise, it's called the K-Thunk and should have been fixed in the newer models. I now have a squeak in the suspension in the front that I will be having looked at soon, but other than that no issues at all. To sum it up, I have really had no mechanical issues and I am at 90,000 miles plus.