1987 Hyundai Stellar CL 2.0 from North America


The Hyundai stellar is a wonderful car and would make and excellent 1st car for anyone


Since the car had sat for several years mice had gotten into some of the wiring harnesses and some needed to be rebuilt.

Rear wheel cylinders were shot and leaky.

Starter died but was easily rebuilt.

The switch for the fan had broken so it was either going full blast or not at all.

General Comments:

When I first saw the car at a local grocery store add I thought that it would be a cheap car to buy and drive. I had no idea that stellars were rear wheel drive. as soon as I saw the car myself I absolutely fell in love with it.

It was incredibly clean and in near perfect condition, and had so few miles.

Despite the slight lack of comfort and performance the car was so much fun to drive in the winter. It would slide around snow covered roads with just quick shot of gas in second gear.

Other than a few minor problems the car was very reliable, and very efficient on gas, as well as the small amount of oil it burned.

Being my first car and a standard I just loved driving it every where, even out on country roads, it would just stick to the gravel at 130+ with nothing more than 4 all season tires on it.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2008

1987 Hyundai Stellar CXL 2.0 from North America


Too bad they didn't make them longer! Way better (and cheaper) than a new car!


Got the car for FREE from a nice lady up the street (after I chased her down to her house while going for a walk with my g/f - I'm a Hyundai fan!) Her father had given it to her (an older man) because he couldn't drive it anymore (too old I guess) She said she would sell it to me when she's done. I got it for free 4 months ago, but:

-The pads were wearing into the rotors

-front bearings were, well, dry at best

-It ran on two cylinders

-It burned (and continues to burn) oil

-One tie rod and ball joint were totally shot, as well as one strut was blown

-rear oil seal caused the drum to be lubricated, negating it's functionality.

Not a problem, pads and rotors were sourced cheap, as well as bearings. Seal was cheap to fix too. I replaced both tie rods and ball joints myself (also not too expensive) and was lucky enough to have two good condition shocks from a parts stellar I owned when I was 18. After a cap and rotor and plug wires, the engine purred to life.

Other major problems that surfaced over time:

-Trans output seal failure, due to center bearing failure. This was the single most expensive thing to fix ($200 + $50 labour) While I was at it, I drained the ATF and cleaned the strainer. Works marvelously now and doesn't leak any ATF.

General Comments:

Once I fixed all the (obviously neglected) items, the car runs very well.

I love this car. Fully loaded power everything (full instrumentation too) I took it to NYC (Long Island, from Toronto) and it cruises along at 130 KM/h no problem. The lumbar support (adjustable) is somewhat painful on the max setting, but if you remove it to the lowest setting it's OK. The car is in VERY good condition with little rust (front of hood has two almost-holes, and bottom of door corner is slowly starting to go, but will take years if untreated) It's rustproofed now anyways.

The 4G63 is not as potent as it is in a Talon, but it pulls OK. It's a heavy car, so the engine could have been larger (the 4G64 or a G54B would have been nice) - also not the greatest fuel consumption... get about 400, 450 K to a 50L tank. Pony gets 500-600 on a 45L tank.

No complaints, love it. So far I paid $800 in parts and spares, and if I take care of it, I'm aiming to get 5 years out of it!

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Review Date: 20th December, 2007

5th Jan 2010, 12:35

Still around, now with MSD SCI, Blaster II coil, 4G64 "jet" valve ported head, new timing belt and hollowed cat on spare manifold, as well as open air cleaner. No more oil burning (turns out it was valve stem seals) Kick ass system in it too!

It does need some attention to the rear axle bushings, and the front right balljoint is loose (it hit a curb, hard). I went through an alternator already, but considering the stock one was, well, original, I'm not complaining. 164K on it so far after a quick respray - rust is most pronounced at the rear drivers' side arch, where each spring more metal is removed and replaced with fiber - a process that will likely keep happening until the car dies, or I get bored of it and break it down for spares. The front fender is pushed in above the turn signal light on the pass-side due to an impact with a garage door, but the door took most of the damage ;)

It has developed an in-dash rattle when the car is in high idle and anywhere around 2500 RPM. It is quite annoying and WILL be tracked down in the spring.

I am generally very pleased with it otherwise.