13th Jul 2007, 21:10

I had a 2004 Terracan and I really wish you luck with HMCUK. I found the dealer here in N. Ireland totally incompetent. Didn't know how to fix the Terracan, Didn't want to fix the Terracan. Easier to infer you were an overly fussy customer, rather than sort out the problem.

I found HYUNDAI UK the same, utterly useless and disinterested, After all they already had pocketed your money hadn't they. In my case £21.5K as I had been stupid enough to buy all the bells and whistles so to speak, on the strength of their non existent "5 year warranty"!

Second time I phoned the case officer at HYUNDAI UK in charge of sorting my problem laden car, he wasn't available!!!

He never ever was available again. You'll find a female shielding him from all calls. Probably interferes with his day dreaming, certainly he/she doesn't even make an attempt to sort customer's problem's.

Also had the suspension problem, mechanic told me he never saw a shock absorber so totally "pancaked" as the one he removed from my passenger side rear. This had happened in road use for no apparent reason.

Dealer wouldn't let me talk to him after that, telling tales (truth) out of school. This dealer was such a tightwad he wouldn't send his mechanics on Hyundai technical (and I use the term " technical" loosely) courses.

Had to find out from the Aussies down under that it was my Diff faulty, took hyundai 8.5 months to diagnose and replace. My terracan kept locking itself as soon as the key came out of the ignition.

It still was doing it when I lost a packet getting rid of it @11 months old.

I really hope you get treated better than I did. I will never buy a hyundai or a Kia (Kia is part of hyundai) again, and I think prospective customers do their research and avoid the pain and frustration.

What use is a 5 year warranty? when hyundai UK don't deliver on their promise.

19th Mar 2008, 21:17

2007 Sonata 11000 kms. Rear suspension got progressively noisier in our cold winter and rough roads. We are embarrassed to carry passengers : it's that bad.Reported to dealer and Hyundai Canada. The dealer claimed all cars were noisy when it gets to be -30 ; but my other cars never had that problem. They ordered new brackets to fix the problem.That was 3 weeks ago. I think it needs new rear struts. They seem to be falling apart.

10th Feb 2009, 13:38

Have a 05 plate Terracan approximately 60,000 miles on the clock, bought it for towing a horse box. Comfortable and roomy car no problems here at all.

After a few weeks:-

Part of the gearbox went and had a sticking clutch - repaired and all is now well.

Started to have intermittent loss of power; back to the garage. Losing coolant apparently the engine management system backs off the power if there is coolant loss? Anyway pressure tested by garage and couldn't find leak however, it was loosing coolant. Had the car for just under 3 weeks and stripped the head down. Still waiting for the report on what was done.

There is still an apparent loss of power when changing from 1st to 2nd gear and in reverse; makes things difficult when towing.

Handling poor and very light on the steering; car moves erratically on the road and can be at times worrying to drive.

I'm disappointed with the car at present as I believe it should be a lot better than it is.

Any one else had a steering problem?

9th Mar 2009, 00:00

Don't expect too much from Hyundai. Korean cars are not so well built as Japanese or European vehicles, no matter what JD power or whatever consumer's agency could state. That's just propaganda, and the 5 years warranty, a good commercial tactic to attract new clients. If you want a vehicle suitable for everyday driving, start & stop, taking kids to school and driving with the family and the dog on Sundays, while keeping maintenance costs on a reasonable level, then this is not a bad choice. Just don't expect things like a good handling, or a refined riding performance, or avantgarde technology: the interior parts, mechanics and so on are, in the best of cases, simply average, in many others are substandar. For the money you paid, this is what you get. It's not a Mercedes.

16th Jun 2010, 06:13

16 June 2010 Port Elizabeth South Africa.

2 years ago I had a problem with the immobiliser, which on trying to start the car, did not disarm. After 3 weeks of fiddling around, changing the injectors, and a thousand excuses the dealer reprogrammed the key and the problem disappeared, only to reappear 3 weeks ago. After messing around for two weeks the agents sent the car to DieselElectric in the hopes that they would fix the car, a Terrecan CRD2, 9TI 2003.

The car has been returned to me for the third time with the same problem intact. When the error readings are cleared by a computer at the dealer, the car runs, but just setting the immobiliser once with the key and then trying to unlock the car, the problem returns.

Still sitting without wheels.

17th Jul 2011, 07:30

I bought my Terracan new in 2007, and it has done 50K. It's a 2.9CRDI auto with a lot of towing a 18' poptop. It is a fantastic towing vehicle, and I have had no problems.

The rear diff sticks in reverse sometimes, but I know the problem is too high a viscosity oil, and it doesn't bother me. It is the quietest of 4WDs, and Toyota could learn something about the sound proofing. Used a lot of Toyotas in the Kimberleys; Prados and Landcruisers, sedans and utes, sixes and V8s, and their toughness is a bit of a myth, because all broke at some stage; gearbox on a Landcruiser, firewall cracked on a Prado, front suspension fell off a Prado, engine management on a Landcruiser etc.

15th Feb 2012, 19:35

I have a 2002, 2.5L Terracan, and have driven a 2.8L model extensively on rough Andean roads and tracks, and must say I am real surprised at your suspension problem, as I did not experience anything like it on either model.

My own was sold new originally in Korea, therefore specced for Korea, and imported used to Chile. I bought it with an obviously "fiddled" 42K kms, and apart from having had the cam shaft "seize", the only other problem it had was badly seated valves, so had to take the head off to re-seat them.

Since then, have driven from central Chile to the extreme north of the country and back (round trip of 4000 Km) four times, mainly highway, some long and rock strewn bypass roads where sections of the highway are being repaired, and also around town here there are speed humps everywhere. Never once has the suspension bottomed out. I should mention though that I do not have the original shocks on it, but have changed to gas.

23rd Jun 2015, 02:17

I have 2005 Terracan diesel. Steering a little all over the place. Some of these salesman do not have a clue about customer service.

Regards Johnny1948jd@gmail.com