2000 Hyundai Tiburon from North America


A great car when its not in the shop


This car is pretty good when working properly. The problem is the repetitive visits to the dealer for what appears to be several design flaws.

The headlights constantly burn out; I am currently on my tenth one.

The alternator was replaced to stop this issue, yet was unsuccessful.

All of the marker lights in the front have been replaced at least once. I have stopped replacing bulbs, as it seems to be a pointless endeavor.

The horn has burned out and been replaced.

I am on my third wheel bearing and the fourth and final one to complete the set is going fast.

I have had intermittent problems with the radio. The radio operates poorly or not at all in temperatures below 32f and will only work when the cab has warmed up enough to be sat in without a jacket.

I have intermittent problems with the power mirrors, though in all fairness it seems to have gone away for the moment.

The passenger door had to be taken apart because the the window stops fell out and the passenger could not close the door with the window all the way up.

General Comments:

The car is fun to drive when running correctly.

You will want to get the extended warranty for this car-your going to need it.

Hyundai will be nice to talk to, but will be unable to do much else to fix your car permanently. Expect to get a bunch of excuses as to why your car is in the shop again, but no help to solve the problem.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2003

2000 Hyundai Tiburon from North America


Lots of fun and great warranty


Within the first 20000 miles, both headlights blew out 2-3 times. They finally replaced the faulty part that was causing the blowouts, and I've had no problems since.

There was a recall to change the seat belt guides. They used to get very twisted until the recall, but I've had no problems with them since.

Spark plug wires had to be replaced under warranty at about 53000 miles. They were "melted".

General Comments:

I am only 5'5" tall and this car fits me perfectly. My boyfriend, however, is 6'1" and it's a little uncomfortable for him.

This is a quick car! I highly recommend the manual transmission for the fun of it. I really enjoy driving this car around town. I have the yellow color which gets me a lot of looks from other drivers.

The manual trans also saves wear and tear on the brakes. I had them checked at 35000 miles and the technician said they looked brand new - quite a feat considering that I drive 50 miles round trip to work in sometimes very heavy traffic.

The car is also fairly good in the snow, as long as you have good tires.

I have had no engine or transmission problems of any kind and only recently had the transmission flushed (preventative maintenance). Timing belt is next at 60000 miles (recommended maintenance).

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Review Date: 4th March, 2003

16th Apr 2004, 02:51

Wow, I thought I was the only 2000 Tiburon owner that had the headlamp problem. Both headlamps on my Tiburon blew at about 8000 miles, the first time. The head lamps tend to blow every 8000 to 10000 miles. The warranty covers it, but I was interested to know what part was replaced that solved the problem?

Other than that I love the 2000 Tiburon.

18th Apr 2004, 13:32

I have the same problem. what part needs to be replaced? my email is nacoo1@hotmail.com.

4th Mar 2005, 13:18

It appears to be the type of bulb. My wife has a tiburon and I have a BMW 325 that both use the same H7 style bulb for the low beams. They both seem to burn out with regularity, in fact there was a period of time in which I was replacing a bulb a month in one car or the other. I have purchased a few pairs of cheap HID bulbs from the internet ($7 a pair) and have had bulbs last as long over a year.