4th Oct 2001, 08:30

I have had my 2001 Tiburon in Cobalt blue for about 2-3 months now. I looked into buying the Cougar and Eclipse as well. I am very happy with my Tiburon. I am 19, and for a 19 year old it's an awesome car to have. It's good with gas, it's reliable and had a great warranty, just in case something happens.

Its stylish body and interior have something that many cars do not offer. All in all, I love my car!

29th Nov 2004, 23:52

That negative comment is stupid and totally false. I have a 97 tib with 230k miles and a 2.0 engine. It has been turbocharged for about 85k miles. I keep up with the maintenance. Not a single problem with the motor or trans.

In 230k with the extra stress of the turbo, the compression has not dropped at all. With a 13 sec. 1/4 mile time. I wouldn't trade this car for anything else.

6th Feb 2005, 01:50

This is in response to the negative comment about Hyundai automobiles as a whole. I'm currently on the verge of purchasing a used '01 or '02 Tiburon because of the extreme reliability and cheap running costs of my current car: a '91 Hyundai Excel base with the carbureted motor. I've had this car for 3 years and my girlfriend owned it prior to that since 1994. She had a minor problem with the starter and only put the cost of that replacement part in addition to oil changes. When I took it over in Feb 2001 I replaced the clutch (after 10 years!), the rear struts and front shocks, tuned it up and gave it a brake job. The parts were cheap and the car easy to work on. Since then I've only put the cost of oil changes into it. My experience with my Hyundai is that they are reliable if you take care of them. Let's not forget all the consulting that Hyundai invested in from BMW in the 90's to improve their quality and reliability. I can't wait to get into a Tiburon!!

18th Oct 2005, 20:55

I think the 2001 Tiburon Se is still a blast to drive. Mine only has 73,000kilometres and is great fun in the city to play with. The sunroof open, the windows down and the stereo cranked brings a lot of fun to a summer day when your shifting through the gears. All cars have problems and all cars can be a peach if you take care of em, so I would still recommend this car to anyone who likes a little more style beyond a Cavalier or Corolla of similar year.

29th Apr 2006, 17:41

These negative opinions are from someone still living in 1996. I have owned three Hyundais and I am quite sure there will be a fourth in the future. Complaints from me since my first one: NONE!

8th Jul 2008, 14:58

I bought my 2001 Tib for under $15K as a leftover in '02. I LOVE this car. Still! I was hesitant at first look - that chrome inside didn't appeal to my girly side. Once I took it for a test drive, though, I was sold. It has 150K miles on it, I've kept up with regular maintenance and I've had only minor issues. Clutch is just starting to slip on me. I would definitely buy another one. I've had several people actually come up to me in parking lots and ask if I'd consider selling it. Haven't said yes yet. I think it was a great deal and would absolutely consider buying another Hyundai.