21st Oct 2004, 21:15

I have a 04 SE V6 6SPD Tiburon and I would definitely recommend getting the 6 speed if you are going to get a manual transmission. The transmission is what makes this car feel so quick because the gearing does a good job of keeping you in the powerband.

I am also very impressed with the lack of body roll in aggressive street driving, the suspension is very predictable even at its limits. For a front engine front drive car under-steer is usually a big problem when cornering, but with this car as long as you don't go into the corner way too late the steering in completely neutral.

I just wish I would have waited for the revised look of the front and rear bumpers for 05. To the person who asked about the convertible... its looks like it will make its debut in 06.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Comparing 0-60 times to street driving is ridiculous for several reasons:

1) 0-60 times are 5000+ rpm drop clutch launches (what idiot is going to do that on the street every time they see another sports car.

2) The street is nothing like the grip level of a track. Those same cars would not put down those acceleration times on a pot hole patched oil soaked street.

3) The runs are performed by drivers that test cars for a living. Any average Joe should not expect to just jump in a car and do what it did on the magazine.

4) Finally newer car hp output and performance levels depend on the location/elevation in a place with less air the engine management has reliability in mind first then gas mileage THEN performance. So in a place with more thin air the fuel will be adjusted accordingly. The horsepower will ultimately reflect the temperature/weather/elevation it regularly operates in.

I looked at a used Chrysler Crossfire, new Mazdaspeed Miata, new Dodge Neon SRT-4, and new Subaru WRX. Taking into consideration price, warranty, seating capacity/storage space, and options and overall feel in street driving and chose the Tiburon.

11th Nov 2004, 17:23

All right. I can't believe someone who looked at a Subaru WRX would even CONSIDER a Tib. It's a completely different class of car, the WRX - especially the sti version. By class I mean "Rally Racer AWD" vehicle. I suspect why you DIDN'T buy the WRX is because it was out of your price range. The only other car I would consider would be the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO, which is just insane because they're known as WRX-beaters.

Each to their own.

I'll take the EVO.


30th Jan 2005, 22:05

Just to end this thread/review. I have owned a '97 Cobra Conv, Integra Type-R and an 1996 Civic hatchback, And I've mod'd them quite nicely. But for what I paid, nothing compares to the Tib.

I purchased my Tib a few months ago with 33k miles for only $11,000. Now, everyone's comparing WRX's, Infinti's & SRT4's to the Tib. Well let's see, yes, all of these cars are out of the Tib's league, but the main factor is price range.

If you really want to add performance, look up Tiburon turbocharger. I would post the exact link to what I'm talking about, but you can buy a stage 2 turbo for under $3500, which will boost it to over 300hp & 260+ lbs/torque.

Try to find a faster car, with a better warranty, and also looks better. You won't. So bring your little TA from your 5000sqft house with pool and land - by the way, we really believe you on an ONLINE COMMENT FORUM. Really, I'm sure you have someone that does.

One last note, the SRT4, any Infiniti except maybe the G35, and the WRX would not beat a Tib with these mods, trust me, I know. Don't even try to bring up the STI, because, once again - price, warranty, appearance? Now shake your head and say I messed up.

27th Apr 2005, 21:28

I'm not interested in arguing one way or the other about any of these cars; I've read reviews on all of them and they all have a laundry list of positive qualities that pretty much any driver can appreciate.

What I am slightly curious about is the whole 10yr/100000 mile warranty that Hyundai offers. If I am correct, which I'm relatively sure I am, converting your stock Tiburon from a naturally aspirated engine to a turbocharged powerhouse will result in that extended warranty being void. However, if you trust the Tiburon drivetrain to withstand the extra strain that the engine will be placing on it, then I say go for the 300hp mark... for 15 grand that's hard to beat. I would personally rather invest my money in a car that comes from the factory with a high output engine, because every warranty I have seen becomes void once the car has any performance modifications done to it. For example; Audi's warranty becomes void if you put a performance chip (reprogrammed ECU) into any of their vehicles. The same goes for any Honda warranty I have encountered; any kind of forced induction or altered factory forced induction results in your warranty being tossed in the fireplace by the manufacturer. (that is the case for all factory warranties that I have seen.) However, I am sure that you could buy a warranty from a third party source that would cover your car's high performance modifications.

Because of this warranty hassle, I would personally favor the SRT-4 over nearly every other forced induction 4 cylinder vehicle. As for the displacement fanatics, I have recently been looking at the new Mustang GT (which could readily compete with a 300hp Tiburon, albeit with a much higher price tag), though a Trans Am is no slouch either.

5th May 2005, 22:16

Reading through all of these comments, I find it rather amusing to compare cars from a totally different class to something like the Tib. I don't own one yet; I came here to see if it would be worth buying. I've always been a firm believer in the "you get what you pay for" rule of thumb. However, after seeing some of the comments on here, Hyundai is changing my mind about that. Lets face it, not everyone is gonna like a certain kind of car, and everyone is welcome to their opinion. Personally, I think the Tib is waaaaaay sexy. Very nicely built from an aesthetic standpoint. No, it won't beat a mustang (which I love) or a corvette (very nice as well) or maybe even a civic Si (very partial to the 99-00s) or RSX-S (sweet, but overpriced)...but you know what? Who cares? If you like it, go for it. It's a neat looking car, its available with at 6 speed tranny (not very common to cars in the tib's price range), and the best part? You can get it totally loaded with the 6sp, leather, sunroof, and Infinity system for like $21500. Its not gonna beat everything on the road, but its no slouch, and it looks damn good. I'm a car enthusiast; I love everything. Of course I have my preferences like everyone else, but I see no reason to bash a good looking, inexpensive sport coupe simply because you can. For a college kid like me, it looks perfect.

16th May 2005, 09:01

I drove a 2004 Tuscani last week and I WAS IMPRESSED. Acceleration is impressive, handling is superb. Great car, will be on my next car list for sure!

27th Oct 2005, 16:58

To the commenter who drove the '56 Ford:

I agree. Never heard "three on the tree," but, born in '85, I've seen very few three speeds. I did back a "three on the tree" 66 Chevy C-10 out of a driveway once.

As far as driving a stick or auto, the same guy who used the "pansies" comment probably also replaces his clutch every 10,000 miles because he stalls so often, when he's not lurching the car around trying to get 1st gear rolling. By the way, to me, the 3-speed column shifter was absolutely the most difficult to use. With that setup, I'd also have to replace my clutch every 10k.