2003 Hyundai Tiburon 2.0L from North America


A huge money sucker


Brakes, e-brake, both serpentine belts twice each.

Alternator, rack, sunroof, speed sensor, everything electrical shut down when I was driving tonight

General Comments:

It sucks.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2015

16th Mar 2015, 04:25

Judging by the age and mileage, I'm guessing you also didn't pay very much for this vehicle in the first place.

11th Aug 2015, 02:39

Is that miles right? A 190000 miles car is good for the scrap yard, even if you get it for free.

2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT 2.7 V6 from North America


The worst investment I've ever made in my life


Cracked wheel bearing 3 times!

E-brake cable 2 times!

All brake lines.

Rear rotors.

Rear calipers.

Rear pads.


Clutch 2 times (39000KM and 90000KM)!

Flywheel 2 times (39000KM and 90000KM)!

Tie rods twice each front.

General Comments:

When everything is running well with the Tiburon, it is a genuinely nice chick's car. Unfortunately when I bought the Tiburon, I knew jack about cars, and thought it looked cool and it had a V6, so it was fast! Well it's not fast; basically anything with a 2.5L 4-banger will eat the Tiburon for breakfast. The handling is very nice, although there is a bit of understeer, a tiny bit of torque steer, and it is very nose heavy thanks to the V6. It is awesome in snow though, with good snow tires.

The cabin is a nice place to be, for the driver; at 5'10", I fit just right. If you're 6 foot, your hair would be touching the sunroof. The driver's seat is nicely bolstered, and I've always found it comfortable to drive. The 5 speed stick is buttery smooth, although the OEM clutch uptake is really, really late in the pedal travel.

That's all the nice things to say. Everything else about this car is garbage. The OEM clutch is a piece of garbage, and the sooner you can pull it out and put in an aftermarket clutch, the better.

My repair list might make me seem like a boy racer, but I'm honestly not. The OEM clutch just destroys itself, just take a look at any automotive forum about the Tib. Everything under the car pretty much rusts to pieces if you live in an area where they salt the road. Stuff that should just work (E-brake, calipers, wheel bearings) will just fail on you. Door panels, fuel cap, trunk keyhole all rust to pieces. If you hit a decent size pothole, you'll probably crack a wheel bearing.

I was planning on trying to get 200,000KMs out of this car (got more than that with my Accent with about 1/10th the problems), but I doubt it will happen. I will never buy another Hyundai, and I recommend you don't either.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2013

24th May 2013, 15:33

These are repairs that someone does when their car has had a tough life. It's not the car - it's the driver.

26th Mar 2015, 02:36

This car is not suitable for some areas with its stiff suspension and low profile tires. I know because I drove one to work every morning in a northeastern hell hole, where heavy flooding and potholes were frequent obstacles in the streets. It would be all right if the Tiburon compensated for its sporty suspension with performance, light weight and fuel efficiency, but it doesn't. As far as a reliable and affordable car, or a cool fast car, you are better off with anything other than this.

26th Mar 2015, 02:48

Anyone who has owned one of these for long enough, knows that Hyundai incorporated a dampening dual mass fly wheel and a spring loaded check valve in the clutch slave cylinder. This was meant to soften up clutch engagement, but caused premature clutch failure in cases where drivers wanted to "accelerate" faster than a Volkswagen bus.

2003 Hyundai Tiburon 2.0 4 cylinders from North America


Good looking car, acceptable performance for the bucks

General Comments:

The car really looks good with a sporty look. However, the performance doesn't fit with the look. The i4 version isn't very fast, but it is still a pleasure to drive. If you're looking for a faster car (or less slow, in this case), don't get this one.

I found this car to be an awesome deal for the price. Reliable car. Comfortable for the class. It's all about the looks.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2011