2003 Hyundai Tiburon 4 cylinder from North America


Tiburons look nice and have a cool sporty look, but are not worth the time, hassle, and money


I have had my Tiburon for a little over two years now, and it has been nothing but a problem! So far I've dumped money into it every couple of months.

I am very good at driving a manual, and the clutch has gone out twice already. There have been many mechanical errors.

I've had problems with the power windows not working, and there have been electrical problems.

One of the knobs to adjust the heat stopped working, and cost over $200 to fix.

Randomly it just shuts down on me and won't turn back on. Also, I will drive it and it will begin acting like it's out of gas, and begin chugging so I will have to pull over. This even happens on the highway.

The O2 sensor went out, and I had to have that replaced just a couple weeks ago.

Since I've had the car, there have been two recalls, which of course I didn't have to pay for, but had to take time to get fixed. Also, there have been some leaks.

I have always kept up with oil changes and routine maintenance!

General Comments:

I will NEVER buy or recommend a Hyundai car to anyone. They are very unreliable! This is the worst car I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2010

2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT 2.7L V6 6 speed from North America


Made for performance and sleek looks, with affordability in mind


Driver window motor stopped at 38,000 miles.

Currently paint is deteriorating on the roof, hood, quarter panels, spoiler (spoiler started wearing at 35,000) and gas cap cover (gas cap started wearing at 30,000 miles).

Interior paint fading and peeling around shifter and stereo.

General Comments:

Aside from cosmetic blemishes and window motor, I have had no issues with the car's performance.

It handles great in all weathers, however the tires wear quickly.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2010

2003 Hyundai Tiburon 2.0L from North America


I adore my Tibby


The only problem I've had with the vehicle in the short time I've owned it, is the clutch blew on the second day. On the same token, this was the original clutch, which is going on 8 years old. This is a risk you are taking buying a pre-owned vehicle that has a standard transmission. Luckily, the dealer was awesome and sent a tow truck the next day, and because the car was still under warranty, they replaced the clutch free of charge, no questions asked.

General Comments:

The car handles wonderfully. I've also had two family members drive it, and they also love it. The seats are extremely comfortable.

It costs me about $30 a week to drive. The same as my 1996 Nissan Sentra GXE with a 1.8 L 4 cylinder engine used to cost. Clearly my Tibby is much more attractive, and being a standard transmission, it is more fun to drive.

It is fast enough for me.

The A/C is ice cold, and it shifts nicely. It is very dark in the cabin at night; this may be an annoyance to some people, but I think it's perfectly fine.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2010

2003 Hyundai Tiburon GTS 2.7 V6 from North America


Fun car with a budget tag


Couple of things had to be done with the car, due to its first promotional release of Tuscani Elisa model aka Tiburon "GTS" version. The following had to be replaced;

- OEM clutch at 75,000km (replaced with Stage II clutch)

- Window motor (driver side)

- Rear-windshield wiper

- Battery (after 5-6 years normal)

- Rear-left wheel bearing (driver side)

Considering cars are not built as per quality anymore, but quantity, it's kind of expected, but for the price I bought the expenses weren't that bad.

General Comments:

2003 Hyundai Tuscani 2.7 Elisa V6. aka "Tiburon GTS"

Almost no one recognizes the car except for car enthusiastic people.

To me this car is rated as the "underdog", it has a lot of potential with the right driver behind the seat. I never had the chance to take it to a track to fully explore the potential of this car. The acceleration is acceptable for this car; quick with the right gear shifting. 4 wheel disc brakes are spectacular, and ABS works well, especially in winter.

Suspension is hard like in most sport cars; you will grind at every pothole you hit; if you felt it, the car did too.

It has a nice cargo space.

The stock 6 speaker with bass Infinity system is nice; after 7 years it still works well.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2010