2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 2.7L V6 from North America


This car has serious performance potential, yet it can operate as a dependable daily driver


Especially given the mileage of the vehicle for the year and the fact that it is equipped (got it from a local dealer like this) with aftermarket parts such as a supercharger, cold-air intake, short-throw shifter, and performance exhaust, this car has been fantastic performance-wise and as a daily driver. Problems are very minor and I expected such issues from the start due to the mileage.

- driver's side headlight bulb burned out twice so far (easy fix)

- small paint chips on the front end from extensive driving

- shift knob is stripped (ordered a new one from Korea)

- A/C didn't blow cold air when I got it. I had it charged for a very low price, but I assume my seals are bad because the freon escaped within two weeks.


General Comments:

Despite the minor problems I listed, this car is simply fantastic! I previously had a 2003 Tiburon GT with similar mileage, but it was automatic so I traded for the six-speed I'm driving currently. This car is bundled with stock and aftermarket goodness! The shift and clutch action is very precise, acceleration is even greater with some aftermarket work, reliability is up there, and, surprisingly, for a supercharged V6, I'm averaging almost 30 MPG per tank! All my power options including the windows and sunroof work properly as they should, the 360-watt Infinity sound system is superb, and the black leather interior is a nice touch for such a sporty and sleek car. However, the back seats are completely useless unless transporting small children. The Tiburon fits me like a glove and I never have a problem driving it. The steering feel is firm and on-target. Handling even at higher speeds is above average, and the all-wheel disc brakes with ABS really help get the job done in terms of brake feel and stopping distance. I currently use this car to travel to college classes and a job that is 18 miles one way and it's been highly reliable with no surprises. The Tiburon should be given a serious look by car buyers out there for it is a fantastic value.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2006

22nd May 2007, 08:12

When you get up from your nap write a real review.

23rd May 2007, 05:42

What kind of supercharger did they install. Is it the Vortec or an Eaton? You must be running a pretty mild tune in order to get that sort of fuel economy. How much boost are you pushing? I would have had reservations about buying a used coupe with an aftermarket supercharger on it, but it's good to hear that it worked out for you. Keep on top of your maintenance.

2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 2.7L V6 from North America


The 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 is literally a street shark


I've owned this vehicle for about three months now and I can't really complain about it in a more extreme sense. Well, here is a list of what is wrong or needs to be done as I see it.

- Either the driver's side power door lock is short-circuiting constantly or the keyless entry remote seems to be malfunctioning. When the remote is in close proximity to the car and initiated, the driver's side door unlocks and quickly locks so I have to quickly open the door to get in. Also, while driving, occasionally, the lock will lock and unlock itself. Scary, huh? Not that big of a deal to me, but I sure would like to get it fixed...

- When I purchased the car, I noticed that the sunroof shade was just sitting in two pieces in the trunk. I would like to fix that as well although I do enjoy the extra light.

- At first, the fog lights wouldn't work all the time, but I believe I tampered enough to keep them running properly.

- After returning from college classes, I got in a bit of a tangle with my backpack. I was pinned to the seat by that behemoth schoolbag and the steering wheel. When I got out, my knee went right through the Infinity speaker cover on the driver's side door panel. Although it's a minor issue and an easy fix, I believe that nothing should break that easily in a car. I recall older covers being either metal or hard plastic.

- I need an oil change soon. That's about it.

- Overall, for the mileage of the vehicle and the make of it, I am quite surprised. I used to despise Hyundai until I got behind the wheel of this beast for a test drive.

General Comments:

The 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 has to be the best sports car value on the market. For under $12,000 before taxes, I got a light, quick car with leather seats, a power sunroof, a seven-speaker 360-watt Infinity sound system, all power, all-disc brakes, alloy wheels, dual exhaust, spoiler, and to top it off, a freakin' V6! This machine indeed handles like it's on rails and it is not intimidating in inclement weather like my previous vehicle. To me, for an automatic V6, the 0 to 60 time is quite impressive and the manual shift gate makes driving more hands-on and exciting (wishing I got the six-speed, but I live in the city). I am seriously so happy with this car despite the few interior/electronic defects that I will fix relatively soon. Fantastic car, I must say...

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Review Date: 16th February, 2006

16th Feb 2006, 16:55

The problem with the door unlocking, then locking may be tied to the ignition. My two cars (Sonata and Santa Fe) have a feature that will not allow the doors to be locked if the key is in the ignition and in the off position. If you hit the power locks, they lock momentarily, then unlock, which is opposite of your problem, though I would suspect the ignition switch.