16th Apr 2006, 18:27

My 2000 Tiburon has had two headlights replaced and two front wheel bearings also. I'm not sure, but I think another wheel bearing is on its way out. Are these problems chronic weak points among Tiburon's or just unique to mine and the 2 or 3 other postings on this website?

4th Jun 2006, 23:22

I don't know why the Tib got such bad reviews on this site. I've had mine since it came out in 2000, suped her right up with an all round veil side body kit, 18" rims, the works.

I was able to save up this coin becuase the only time my car has been in the shop is when I get an oil change, do my brakes... and that's about it.

10 out of 10 for me, this car is great, it sounds like you guys picked up a beater from a used car dealership.

9th Nov 2006, 16:28

I purchased my 2000 Tiburon three years ago at a used car dealer. Here are the problems with my TB, head lights burn out, front and rear wheel bearings, tire wear, seat belts don't re-tracked and bad on fuel.

21st Nov 2006, 09:26

I have a 2000 Tiburon, I like the car, the only problems I have had with it are the front wheel bearings.

I have 109,000 on it and each have been replaced 3 times.

Luckily they have all been covered under warranty, and I have gotten a free rental.

The Service department has been great to me!

Now that the warranty is up I don't want to be putting wheel bearings in it constantly, so we will see what happens...

19th Dec 2006, 11:44

I have to agree with you all. My 2000 Tiburon had the following replaced in the first 2 years of ownership:

-Every exterior lightbulb - at least twice



-2 mufflers

-Window motors

-Hubs and routers for each tire.

Since then, I've replaced nothing.

12th Jan 2007, 06:14

I would just suggest that everyone go ahead and upgrade to a newer Tiburon. I currently own a 2005 model, I purchased it new and it's GREAT!!! The power difference is amazing, and the drive-ability is the best. Not to mention the styling is almost impossible to beat by any car in its price range. It is one of the best and most well built cars I have ever driven. The newer Tiburon's are definitely worth the investment. But the best of luck to you all and remember everyone fears the shark!!! Tiburon's for life!

9th Mar 2007, 08:32

I'm interested in buying a used 2000 Tiburon, but after reading the comments on this site I am very skeptical. I'd be buying this car for about $7,000 at 71k with a three year warranty which it sounds like I am going to need. Is it worth it? If so I feel after my warranty I'll be shelling out big bucks, what do you think? I'd appreciate any helpful advice.

28th Aug 2007, 14:16

I have a 2001 Tiburon and have had many of the same issues. Here they go up to the current issue:

- Headlights blown about once a year

- Seat belt does not retract properly

- Transmission replaced at 51,000 miles

- Fog lights blow continually

- Never received recall information for catalytic converter, then took over 2 weeks to get the part and replace it with no rental provided

- Thermostat replaced 4 times now (Hyundai dealership says it has to have a Hyundai thermostat to register)

- Tires replaced 4 times, wear so easily and are very expensive

- The dealership I bought it from has terrible service; now I take it way out of my way and have found a much nicer dealership (service department)

- Currently my car has been overheating for 2 months, had it in the service department 3 times, 2 other mechanics, and personal friends looked at it with no answer. Now it's back in the service department as of today because it overheats in about 5 minutes whether you turn on the heat, accelerate, whatever; it still continues to overheat.

7th Jan 2008, 10:08

I just wanted to say I also have a 2000 tiburon... I love the car and I am still glad I bought it, but at 67000 miles I too have to now replace wheel bearings and the headlights and brake lights both go out about once a year.

28th Jan 2008, 10:46

Had our 2000 Tibby since new (just over 8 years now). It is a well built and reliable car. Low maintenance. Driven by female driver, not abused at all. Maybe the "lemons" you got were abused/off-lease cars where the owner didn't treat the car nicely.

Headlights: When I used cheapo eBay/chinese "blue" "HID" "superwhite" bulbs, they burn out quick. So don't use them. Going back to quality Sylvania OEM-type bulbs was the trick to long headlight life.

Changing oil in this car is the easiest thing ever, since the oil filter hangs really low at the passenger side wheel area-- you can even change it without lifting the car because it's right there and it won't drip on anything, goes directly in the drain pan. Such a clean and easy job. Great design and thought Hyundai put into this!

One big downside, which we've gotten used to, but still annoy us is: The trunk lid needs to be slammed hard for it to close properly. You can't just lightly shut it, because it won't close all the way. It was really annoying at first. Now everyone that drives/rides our car and uses the trunk knows to SLAM that trunk shut.

No major repair or warranty work. Just basic maintenance. At 38K miles still on original brake pads and rotors, even! Had to change the tires (upgraded to 15" wheels and tires) though.

1st Mar 2008, 00:19

I've had a 2000 tiburon for 2 years now... I've had the same problems as many others... Headlights go often, on my 3rd one now and at least my 2nd set of tires, close to my third.

Recently had to replace 2 front wheel bearings and I think my back one is heading that way. I also have this strange stalling problem. First mechanic thought it was water in the gas line, so he got it started and it drove OK for a day then stalled again... I took it somewhere else and turns out my fuel pump was going. Replaced filter and pump. Drove well for 2 weeks, then stalled out on my today for no real reason... its getting so expensive getting it towed to mechanics and finding more and more things... I just wish they could find the cause of the stall!

11th Mar 2008, 15:25

I've owned my 2000 Tiburon for 4 years now. GENERAL MAINTENANCE is expected. Replaced the light bulbs once, which is expected. and wheel bearings do go, especially on racing cars, about every 40,000 miles. but to the comment above, my car too was stalling out randomly. Turned out it was the simplest little fuse, but mechanics will try to screw you. Good luck.

9th Apr 2008, 00:16

I have a 2000 Tiburon and here is what I've been experiencing:

Hands down, all the lights have gone out at least 2 times on my car, the headlights more than 5 and they aren't cheap.

Intermittent revving of engine while coming to a stop which is embarrassing when you are at a stop light and the people beside you think you want to race. It stalls out sometimes when doing this but usually goes up and down between 1K-2K RPM then stops. Engine light comes on and goes off. When at full speed it thumps are around like it's missing. This doesn't happen much, but so far I have replaced the MASS AIRFLOW METER (Hyundai won't sell it because they want to put it on for you... ha) The original lasted about 2 years and the ones from the junkyard last about the same. They sell for about $50, and Hyundai quotes the ones they won't sell you at $200+.

My horn comes and goes... always going when I need her inspected.

Wheel bearings so far on one side.

Eats tires and they aren't cheap either.

Seatbelts, hence the recall just wasn't worth the time of weeks in the shop.

Alternator was replaced 2 times before the car was 2 years old. It started that revving and hesitating. This was the solution Hyundai decided. Plus, they said my lights blew WAY too often so it HAD to be the alternator. Mass Airflow Meter was the problem thanks to my friend.

Replaced fuel pump and filter to rule out the hesitating and revving problem. Didn't fix it.

Driver side window (power) didn't want to go up. Easy, just open the entire door panel and put the rod back into the bracket... the windows have issues of their own in the wiring too I believe.

My clock and dome light do not work anymore.

You have to SLAM the trunk to get a proper close. If you do it lightly, it clicks and then rattles while you drive.

I think my wipers were backwards when I got the car.

My left and right door panels are black and gray... different but I have seen lots of Tiburons this way. Maybe it's just a "thing."

Floor clips for floor mats are a joke.

I can get 20 miles off of my fuel light... :)

This has been a good car with petty little things here and there. It has never left me stranded at least but it's no picnic either. The most expensive fix was ONE side of wheel bearings because you have to buy the entire housing instead of the bearings. Ran me appx. $130. (a little more than the price of a tire) oooh wait... I gotta replace those again. : (

Hope this helps, and I KNOW it will.