2005 Hyundai Tucson LX 2.7L from North America


Good value for the price


The ESP light would turn on by itself, which indicates that the stability system is deactivated and not working. This happened from the very first day of purchase. I did not worry about it too much, because I do not care much for the system anyway. After a few years, the problem cured itself and the ESP light and system now works properly. I must admit that one time the system did keep me from skidding on a snowy road while braking suddenly.

Warranty repair last year of an oil leak coming from the transaxle. Dealership did not fix it properly on the first attempt. They did a good job on the second attempt.

After four years, the battery began to die intermittently. Not enough power to start the car. I replaced the battery, but the same problem continued to happen. The dealership did not know how to diagnose or repair the problem. I now carry a portable jump start unit just in case. I keep the automatic interior dome light turned off, and so far the battery is OK. I noticed when you shut the door, the interior dome light gradually dims and goes off. My assumption is that there is a solid state dome light controller that is continuing to drain power. If that is not it, maybe the remote door locks are sucking power.

These were the only three issues over 5 years.

General Comments:

I bought this Tucson 2.7L LX 4x4 new in 2005. Overall I like this vehicle.

The interior is well designed, the leather seats are comfortable. The suspension is soft like a car, which I like.

This vehicle is not suited for serious off road use. It is designed for snowy and muddy roads. There is very little ground clearance.

The power from the 2.7L is adequate in my opinion. I mostly use the manual shift option on my automatic. I can keep the engine in the power band, and acceleration is better controlled. I think the gas mileage is also improved by keeping the engine at a higher rpm in manual mode. If left in automatic mode, the engine is lugged down too much and the engine is not efficient.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2010

2005 Hyundai Tucson Arizona 2L Common Rail from Luxembourg


The Tucson is versatile, reliable, powerful and spacious


So far nothing :-)

I service as per handbook (needed anyway to maintain the warranty to the 3rd year)


The bumper plastic is very weak and marks with the slightest touch.

The leather used for interior must be of inferior quality, marks very easily and hard to clean.

I wouldn't buy again from same dealer. Hyundai are fine cars and under-rated.

General Comments:

Very safe car - 10 airbags??!!

Very good handling for its size.

Large luggage boot & massive with back seats folded down.

Fuel consumption heavy at speeds above 120 km/h, but decent at normal speeds. Will hold 150km/h easily.

Excellent driving position.

Lovely car for long distance driving, especially motorway.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2007

25th Apr 2008, 00:39

That should be a a smiley not a frowning one. your review as I read it had good impressions with the car.

2005 Hyundai Tucson LX 2.7 from North America


Reliability at Incredibly Low Price!



General Comments:

A great car with most features any compact SUV has - but at a great price!

Hyundai proved again with another inexpensive, reliable, performing compact SUV!!

I had a Sonata for over 6 years, put up 60000 miles on it and it was still running great!

I bought the Tucson in mid 2005 - leather, sun roof, power everything, 6CD (wish they'd put a MP3) - I've run it for 16k miles - it runs as if it's just out of the showroom this morning!

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Review Date: 5th February, 2007

2005 Hyundai Tucson FWD V-6 2.7L V6 from North America


Good value for the money, but needs some improvement


Within the first 100km had to have the car towed back to the dealer because of a loose bolt lock washer that was rattling around inside the left rear parking brake mechanism. I am very disappointed in the selling dealers pre-delivery inspection.

CD/MP3 player controls get stuck or frozen sometimes.

General Comments:

Automatic transmission is slow to downshift and up shift, compared to other vehicles that I have owned and driven.

My fuel consumption in the city is much higher than what is posted for the vehicle. Highway consumption is the same as what is posted.

In my opinion the V-6 engine lacks sufficient torque below 2500 RPM, and causes transmission to downshift on slight uphills when vehicle has 4 passengers and air conditioning is on. With just the driver and AC off, the engine pulls just fine. This engine has lots of power above 3000 RPM which is fine for a car like the Tiburon, but a small SUV??? I think a lower revving engine and more torque below 2500 RPM is needed. Perhaps Hyundai could put variable valve timing on the engine. That might help.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2006

22nd Aug 2006, 15:17

Hyundai's come a long, long way... but they're still not there yet.

24th Aug 2006, 09:53

Hyundai has come a long way and if you peruse the comments objectively on Honda & Toyota of recent vintage, you'll find faults mentioned as well.

11th Apr 2008, 10:45

Most vehicles will feel underpowered when you have a full load of passengers and the AC on. The larger engine offered should handle this fairly well though.