2008 Hyundai Tucson Limited from North America


Great car, unless you develop the problem that we developed


Became very sensitive when driving over puddles of water when it was raining. We bought this car new in February of 2008, and traded it in in April of 2012. For the first three years of ownership, there were no problems other than an oxygen sensor that went bad. But then, starting in 2011, whenever we drove over a puddle, everything electrical would go out, all of the 'dummy lights' would come on on the dash, and it was suddenly very hard to steer the car.

This would only last for five seconds, but it was a dangerous five seconds. After that, everything went back to normal.

We lived with this problem for a month or two, but then it got to the point where we were hesitant to drive the car if there was any chance of rain at all for fear of puddles of water. It's dangerous to be driving at 60 mph down a highway in traffic, and suddenly everything stops working and it's impossible to easily steer. We took it to our dealership, explained the problem (the car was still under a full warranty), and were sure it would get fixed. Instead, they told us that 'Yes that can happen, we don't know how to fix it. Have a good day!'

I'm assuming that this was *only* my car with this problem, and not all 2008 Tucsons.

General Comments:

Other than the (major) problem described above, this car was a pleasure to drive. The seats were comfortable, the ride was nice and smooth, and the stereo sounded fine. Good gas mileage. We actually hated to give this car up, but alas, we didn't feel safe. Never once were stranded in this car.

In 2008 the Hyundai Tucson was pretty stylish and nice looking when brand new. However, the look didn't age well, and by the time we traded the car in, it looked completely outdated. Keep in mind, there were no cosmetic issues, our Tucson still shined like new, and didn't have many miles either. It was just that the shape of the car, the headlights, and taillights looked out of fashion.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2012

31st Dec 2012, 12:51

It's good that you got rid of it. It sounds like a real deathtrap to me.

1st Jan 2013, 09:02

The problem you described sounds like the accessory belt was slipping when wet. When this happens, you can lose power steering and the alternator stops charging. Maybe a splash shield was missing or the belt was just worn. Too bad your dealer didn't try a little harder to diagnose the problem.

9th May 2013, 17:56

I currently have the same problem with my 2008 Tucson. The dealer said they've never heard of this, and don't know how to check it (I told them to drive it through a puddle). Is there a tensioner spec? I understand they are not adjustable, and my warranty expires in a month.

Thanks, Gary.

9th Aug 2014, 18:08

Read all the posts... I have a 2005 Tucson Ltd and have had the same problem. When I go through a puddle (doesn't have to be big) even slowly, I lose my steering for a while. Pretty scary and dangerous. This has been going on for years.

10th Apr 2017, 02:17

I also had a 2005 Tucson (2.0 diesel) with the same issue with water. It could have been a big puddle or a decent amount of rain water, the steering (belt) would squeal and I'd lose power steering for a few seconds. I figured it's water getting on the lower pulley for the power steering belt, and was going to fashion some kind of "shield" out of plastic or fiberglass, but ended up selling the car first (not for this reason).

2008 Hyundai Tucson from Saudi Arabia


The one and only SUV with least price and good design. It's even powerful with 4WD. I recommend to go ahead with this SUV instead of buying a large used one of another brand.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2008

6th Jul 2008, 13:59

Nice car... I rented one while in Michigan. We got this car as the first people to rent it. It had 12 miles on it. My only concern was, about halfway through the weekend a check engine light comes on, the car only had about 120 miles at this point. Seems way too soon for things to start malfunctioning. I have no idea what the code was but it was still a little disappointing.

10th Sep 2009, 22:48

Scared to death. Tucson drivers be aware of faulty throttle sensor. It was not a great experience driving through the mountains and having my vehicle not respond. Even braking was difficult because the engine would rev high. Fortunately, my fiancee put it in neutral and we had a side road to enter. He even pulled out the fuse box to reset the vehicle, but that did not work. We had to flag down a motorist to send a message for a tow truck. The road side assistance only covers 100 km away from a dealership, so make sure you do not travel beyond 100 km because you will not be compensated, if anything goes wrong. AMA is a must for road side assistance. I expected full compensation for our traumatic ordeal, but that did not happen. The dealership fixed my vehicle because it was under warranty, but my sense of security has not been met. A month has gone by and full compensation for towing has not been done. I am very disappointed because I really enjoyed driving my vehicle.

2008 Hyundai Tucson GL 2.7 Gas V6 from North America


Best vehicle in its class for the least amount of money!


No problems!

General Comments:

Great Brakes.

Comfortable Seats.

Great Perfomance on road and off-road.

Logical placement of buttons, levers etc.

Responsive engine and Transmission.

Good Gas mileage for an S.U.V.

I enjoy this vehicle more than my previous Honda CRV and it cost me less money.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2008

11th Feb 2009, 12:41

Great little truck. handles like a car but definitely a truck performer. Smooth on the hwy and handles beautifully in town. Gas mileage OK. Great quality.

12th Feb 2009, 00:15

One of my best friends is a very wealthy entertainer who performs all over the world. We were having lunch last week and he mentioned that he might buy a new car soon. When I asked what, he replied "A Hyundai Tucson". He could have anything, but he is one of the few people on Earth whose ego doesn't require a little tri-star emblem to feel important. Actually, the Tucson is rated HIGHER than most of those cars with the little tri-star thingie!!