2015 Hyundai Veloster Turbo 1.6 from North America


Excellent, versatile, daily driver. My micro-RV, 2nd home, & I love it


Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

Excellent car, an affordable sports car, & good mileage (40 miles / gallon).

I have used it as a daily driver & Micro-RV. Drives good. To rest, just recline the front seat & you're barely seen from outside. Have used it as a 2nd home. To eat dinner, I just purchased a tray as a table. For comfort to relieve yourself for emergencies, buy porta-potty & place at the back seat or trunk, or go to a rest room of Walmart, McDonalds, etc. For a shower, just buy membership in the YMCA or trucks-stop fee. For more privacy when resting, just install a curtain & only open it up when resting, & hide it when driving of course. The above personal options are not for everyone. I have personally used it as 2nd home & personal retreat.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2015

14th Nov 2015, 16:43

Even a Motel 6 sounds better than hauling a porta-potti around in your back seat and showering at truck stops ;)

14th Nov 2015, 19:47

Or buy a slightly older car and stay at a Red Roof on a cross country trip with the savings.

14th Nov 2015, 23:51

I did the initial write up about my Veloster Micro RV.

Instead of putting a curtain for privacy, I bought a window shade for $5.99 each, & they're opened only when parked . No need of installing curtains. To use the porta-potty, you can put it in the passenger side of the rear seat foot space, with window shades in place.

15th Nov 2015, 17:53

Taking a dump in a 2015 car is a very strong incentive to sticking with day trips.

19th Nov 2015, 23:50

Regarding taking a dump - I've not done it in my microRV Veloster since I purchased it 4 months ago. The porta-potty I purchased is small one & will only be for emergencies. It is so easy to find Walmart, McDonalds, gas station, or truck stop. They are all for free except to take a shower in a truck stop or YMCA. Any motel or hotel stay is usually around $35-45 per day.

Using your car as 2nd home is not for everyone. Studies have found that you can actually live in your car as low as $ 300/month...

Original poster, tonymacmd.

2013 Hyundai Veloster Base 1.6 from North America


Decent car, but rusting after a year and a half


Uneven tire wear.

Seat fabric loose.

Radio (replaced).

Squeaks and rattles.

RUST (under front hood lip and below rear hatch window).

General Comments:

I love the looks and handling of the car. The gas mileage is incredible at over 40 MPG highway (Canadian gallons) at best and about 37ish under normal conditions, but it's all show and no go, so you sacrifice performance for practicality with this car. There is a very noticeable shift lag between first and second, which you can read about on the forums. Hyundai is aware, but cannot fix. The engine also pings under load. Hyundai addresses this by putting a $13.00 bottle of additive in the tank (which doesn't work) and charging $50.00. The speedo also reads 5km higher than actual speed (you can use Blue Max for accuracy instead).

The ride is very stiff and noisy, but this car corners on rails. As mentioned above, the tires wear uneven (cupping) and the dealer will do nothing. I was 1000km past the alignment warranty, so sorry Charlie. This contributes to the road noise. The car also tracks terribly on the highway. You don't steer it, you constantly correct it as it wanders down the road.

The interior is OK (they're all cheap plastic), but the driver's seat fabric is saggy (I'm 5'8 145lbs) so there's no excuse for this. The hatch has tonnes of room for cargo. If you take the headrests off, the seats fold down pretty flat from front to back (I put my 20ft extension ladder in the back with about 2ft sticking out and have the pics too prove it). I also haul my Z50 mini bike in there and got a thousand bucks worth of IKEA furniture in there. It has satellite radio/Bluetooth/heated seats/large touch screen/USB and all the audio connections needed for pretty much any device, standard. The third door is very handy as well.

The paint is very thin and scratches easily. Waxing is a must. I have rust already under the hood and under the rear hatch glass, which is going to be a real problem fast. Hyundai will do nothing as the warranty only covers holes. Real smart as it would cost a lot less to nip it than to let it rot and possibly have to replace the whole hatch. Oh well.

I know this sounds a bit like a negative review, but overall the car is decent considering I only paid $17,496 (Canada) and I actually do like it despite its flaws. After all, it is an economy car so you get what you pay for.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2015

31st Jul 2015, 04:23

There could be more than one thing to cause engine pinging, but one of them would be the gas quality if the car requires 91 octane. It happens that some gas stations are tricking the 'Super 91 octane' gas by mixing it with regular 87 octane gas. There have been several cases in the US. It's all about the manager (owner) of each licensed gas station and not the company itself. So perhaps it's worth trying another place to see if there is any amelioration.