24th Feb 2009, 08:26

I would like to thank everyone for their comments. This has helped me make up my mind on the purchase of this very car.

Oh, it's a beauty, but my test drive had me curious along with advice and these comments from smarter, experienced people than myself. It's in the category of disposable cars.

Thanks for your input.

7th Apr 2009, 18:49

I purchased a Black 2001 Hyundai XG300 last May for $4200 and it had 142,000kms, not even a year ago. Interior was mint and I had the necessary body work done. First I loved it so much. That was until December hit and so did the problems.

Listed by the job done that day and the cost...

Job #1 Dec.08

- Fuel filter

- Spark plug wires

- 6 pack of spark plugs

- Air filter

- Scanned for rough idle $40

- Labor $220

Bill total: $587.07.

Job #2 Dec.08

Alternator and power steering belts

- Labour $71.50

Bill total: $191.33.

Job #3 Dec.08

Belt adjustment

Bill total: $19.06.

Job #4 Jan.08

Blower motor resistor

Bill total: $296.15.

Job #5 Dec.08

Two new used rear strut assemblies


Bill total: $482.47.

Job #6 March.09

Then the subframe collapsed, but wasn't rusted. Hyundai covered that $2400 bill.

- I had to pay for all the extra labor and bolts and gaskets.

- While in the shop, the crank sensor went also.

Bill total: $884.25.

Then when I went to drive it home, it drove worse than it did before I towed it in with the collapsed sub frame.

They then told me it needs ball-joints, tie-rod ends, oil pan, all new tires, which when the frame collapsed, shredded the two front tires. And a timing belt sensor, which alone costs $1150.

I said screw them and drove it away, and it's been parked ever since with a for sale sign on it. At this point, either way I'm taking a massive loss. It forced me to buy a new car, and I'm stuck with two... I JUST WANT IT GONE!!

23rd May 2009, 13:24

To the April, 2008 commentor.

I got to tell ya, there is a reasion Hyundai stopped making the XG, I agree that the car is total crap, but you can't bash the whole company for a car that they saw as substandard and stopped making them, and besides Hyundai isn't the only " crappy" car manufacturer that made a horrible car for too many years,

Chrysler (almost every car the made lol) forgive me, not a Pentastar fan...

GM (Aveo)

Ford (Lincoln's "Lemon Special" that's LS to you and me)

Mazda (any rotary engine car, their cool but not so reliable)

Toyota (Echo)

And besides, it sounds as if you had more problems with the dealer than with the car. Most of you experienced or "high dollar" technicians tend to stay away from Hyundai because of the number of warranty claims, warranty claims usually don't pay a tenth of what customer pay repairs, so what the dealerships sometimes get are the not-so-good guys or your beginner guys. This isn't always the case, but it happens more often than not. I believe you are dealing with a crooked dealer or their techs just are not good with diagnosis. And even if they have a really good guy there, he probably runs for cover when he see's a XG because he's been in the game long enough to know that they really are crap. So your car gets dumped on the un-suspecting "rookie" who has no idea how to diagnose a blown headlight bulb.

To all unhappy reviewers of the XG, I am sorry you will not be considering Hyundai again, we've made huge strides and have come a long way from the junk we used to produce. Just take a look at our current vehicles. Just food for thought, when Toyota first came to the States, I'm sure there were as many unhappy owners as there are now with Hyundai, I wonder what that company would have done if none of those original unhappy owners decided to give that car company another chance??? Just think about it.


Lead Technician

27 years old

4 years Hyundai experience

27 years of car experience lol.

19th Feb 2011, 21:39

My car has spent about 3 months in the mechanic's garage since I purchased it about a 3 years ago, and now I have finally given up on it.

* It shakes

* It has died in the middle of the road

* Jerks and then engine light turns on

* Doesn't shift right, seems like it misses a shift


It is a beautiful car, but would I not recommend it to anyone. I would even feel bad about selling it to anyone. This was my first car, and I will never EVER buy another Hyundai, or would even encourage anyone to buy one.