10th Jun 2007, 06:37


It is a 2005 model, and you felt you had to buy the extended warranty...and from the statement you made, are already into it? My 2005 has a 60,000 bumper to bumper warranty which is transferable to subsequent owners.

I am not sure I would have bought a one year old vehicle with anything near 60,000 miles.

13th Jul 2007, 05:00

Wow, you are not serious about interior size. I'm six foot four, yet my knees don't touch the front seats.

24th Aug 2007, 00:51

Re 13th Jul 2007, 05:00

The XG is not especially wide. There's no way you can fit 3 children's seats into this car, since it's not wide enough to do that. Rear legroom is OK, depending on drivers size, but I'd agree it'd be sufficient for most people.

27th Dec 2007, 05:01

I've noticed that people think Hyundai is a "great value" but if a car depreciates 50% in 2 years, is that a good value? I mean a Toyota or Honda or a Buick will holds its value better so in the long run, the Hyundai cost you more. And the warranty is not that great considering the dealer rapes you for an oil change and new wiper blades.

20th Jan 2011, 09:20

I also had/have the issue where my XG350L will suddenly lunge forward when I first put it into drive. Did not realize it was happening at a certain temperature.

I had/have one other issue that I have finally given up on and just live with. When first putting the car into drive (very random times) it will not accelerate properly. You can depress the gas to the floor and it will go maybe 10 miles per hour tops! All you have to do is press the gas pedal very quickly and let up quickly and it shifts into gear. I had it at the dealer probably 20 to 30 times, kept very specific logs (time of day, mileage, where, when, how). They said it "wouldn't pop a code" on their meter, so there was nothing to check. A rep from Hyundai came down and of course it did not do it that day. I was asked if maybe I was hitting the gear shift with my knee knocking into low!

Finally got in touch with "Lemon Law"... Not much luck there, got tired of fighting and settled for 2000.00, so now I just have to drive it (carefully) till it quits running.

I had a 2001 just like it before with absolutely no problems. Wish I still had it!

24th Jan 2011, 15:16

I bought my '05 in August of 2010 with 90,000 miles. It is very clean and runs and drives good. The only issue so far is the radio will come on by itself sometimes. I talked to the dealer, but they said the warranty doesn't transfer. Oh, well.

The previous owner put some really loud tires on it, but it's not the car's fault.

It isn't as roomy as I would like. I think the major problem being the console just takes up so much room! That's also the neatest part of the interior to me.

I've never gotten really good gas mileage with this car and currently it's getting 16mpg.

I am thinking of selling it because it is due (maybe overdue) for its timing belt change, and I can't afford to have that done.

Interesting cars, though!

21st Aug 2016, 21:49

Performance marks: This guy really exaggerates, 1/10, this car is fast and when you give 1 when most people give between 7 and 10, you don't look very serious.

I have a 2004 XG350. I still drive it (2016) and I like it. It is a very good car, and the only work done in 12 years was the timing belt with the tensioner, discs and brake pads on four wheels at 65,000 miles. Compared with all the American cars I had before (Ford Tempo, Chevrolet) it is quite an improvement (I know, now American car are better than they use to be, ex: Ford Fusion that is really a Mazda 6, a good car).