2005 Hyundai XG350 L 3.5L V6 from North America


Reliability and classic luxury for cheap


Sensors / check engine light repair at ~130k miles.

Rear suspension replaced at ~130k miles.

Flex plate replaced at 140k miles.

Thermostat replaced at 140k miles.

A/C compressor failure at 141k miles.

General Comments:

Very reliable up to ~130k miles, then started to fall apart. It was my first car and I got it very cheaply so I am very happy with it overall. Airbag light came on ~100k miles and stayed on since then.

Interior is luxurious and spacious, but a bit behind its time. I think they tried to copy Lexus / Infiniti from late 90s. Factory speakers are great. A modern bluetooth capable system is an excellent and cheap (<$100) upgrade that makes the sound equivalent to modern cars. Drivetrain is very reliable and could probably run for another 100k miles easily.

Fairly cheap to maintain (regular grade gas and oil) until components need replacing. There are not many third party parts available for this car and the OEM parts are very expensive.

Ride quality is very boaty, with vague steering, soft suspension, and WIDE turning radius. Power is sufficient for good acceleration.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2016

15th Mar 2017, 04:15

Sounds a lot like Cadillac models from around the same time period.

2005 Hyundai XG350 L 3.5 gas from North America


I could not have done better for $3500. I love it, and I believe it will survive a long time!


Before I purchased the car, I took it for a test ride for a couple of hours. I have done business with the place I bought it from for years, and they just gave me the keys. Sticker price $6500, online $5500, thru Edmunds.com $4500 with a $200 gas card, 12 month warranty and 1 year roadside service! And they gave me $1000 for my 1996 Ford Taurus SHO V8! So $3500, not bad!!

So on my test drive I checked out everything and noticed a noise in the engine compartment when shifting from D to R and R to D. The Hyundai mechanic looked at it and it was a motor mount, which they replaced along with a timing belt I asked for, for a discounted price of $400 on the timing belt just in case! I noticed a small pool of water on the engine and had the upper and lower hoses replaced for another $135, because of course it happened after my purchase!

General Comments:

After all that I figured I was set! I do love the car, it was really taken care of by the previous owner. Carfax shows service records, and the body is in excellent condition, as is the interior!!

2 months later I hear a slight rattle when I go over bumps at the right rear driver's side. I thought it could be the trunk hood struts that I replaced to hold the trunk hood up. Had my son sit in the back and lower the rear seat, and stick his head in the trunk and hold the trunk strut; then he heard the noise by his head in the wheel well, the famous upper strut bushing, which I have read in this forum about. I stuck my hand in the wheel well and lifted the cup that covers the strut, and the bushing had a deteriorated took it. Took it to Tires Plus; they wanted $475 because they said they might as well replace both struts, just for the bushing $165. No thanks, I bought the bushing set for $10 and will pay a local garage $100 to install, then problem solved! I will repost when fixed!

I love the car, it's pretty! Not as fast as my SHO, but enough!!

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Review Date: 15th September, 2015

17th Sep 2015, 00:43

Well I got it done, they replaced the left rear top bushing for a total of $60!! $10 for the bushing kit and $50 to install! Although they had a problem removing the strut from its mount, but after an hour they did it!!

Well no more rattle in the rear and a smooth side!!

Don't fall for the "you need a new complete strut"!!

15th Mar 2017, 17:53

This may be so, but you should really replace failed components in axle pairs.