1969 IKA Torino 380 w 3.8 from Argentina


The most important Argentinian sports car


The typical things that go wrong for a big car with a powerful engine, sometimes the base of the engine was moved and it makes things get out of order, but nothing seriously. And it's hard to coordinate the three Webber carburettors. And it used to drink fuel if I drove it at more that 180 Km/h.

General Comments:

Well, this is a lovely Argentinian car designed by Pininfarina in 1965, then, with some development of Oreste Berta won the Nürburgring 84 Hs of 1969, beating Porsche's, Capri's and Ferrari's.

The car is a little bit bigger, but still being lovely with the Jaeger dashboard and the Nardi Steering wheel.

IKA means Industrias Kaiser Argentina and was absorbed by Renault Argentina in 1981, so there were some Renault Torinos, but never the same as the 380w, they just made a big and comfortable car.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2003

5th Jul 2005, 18:15

The most powerful car of all Argentina.

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14th Aug 2005, 03:47

To set the record straight, the Torino was a design by American Motors USA and the interior and front was just changed by Pininfarina.

Originally it was an AMC-Rambler American Rogue and 'Rogue' was just an option of the American, not a model name as often mistaken. The engine of the Torino is the same inline 6 AMC engine, that powered all 6cyl.AMC cars and Jeeps till now.