1st Jun 2001, 18:35

The reason the car is laggy up to 2k is because you have an automatic buddy! If it had a 5-speed you'd be flying as soon as you dropped the clutch! :) I have a Sentra which is the G20's little sister... it has an automatic, and it is laggy too... so don't feel bad..

7th Sep 2001, 02:51

I am the same guy who wrote about my G20 when I was 17. Right now the car is still going strong with 150k miles. My beautiful girlfriend - future wife by the way!!! - loved my car so much, she bought one just like it, but red.

There is not a better feeling than cruising around town with your lady in her bad ass car, both nicely waxed and music pouring out from the windows, Grateful Dead from her car and Pink Floyd from my car!!!

Point is, the G20 is one hell of a reliable and cheap car, bought mine for 5k with 118k miles, and my girlfriend bought hers for $3850 with 114k miles - shoot...she got lucky!!! If you are a parent of a teenager and are considering a reliable, yet elegant car for your kid... you won't go wrong with an INFINITI G20. Now stop reading here if you are a parent.

IF YOU LIKE SPEED, the G20 has BALLS, no crap here, the other day I raced a 91 Mustang and kicked his butt, I also beat a Nissan Sentra, Ford Excursion, Toyota Camry, and a man on a bicycle. My car isn't souped up, all it has is a K&N air filter and I keep the engine maintained and cleaned. By the way, the G20 survived a flash flood here in El Paso... water was up to my hood (OK, I did have to change out the 140k mile old spark plugs and wires), but it still runs FANTASTIC.

OK enough braggin... if you want to ask questions or have a little talk about the G20... my email is chuckielauser@yahoo.com! DON'T BE AFRAID CHILD.

24th Sep 2008, 17:17

Just wondering could you give me a quick list of pros and cons for the infiniti G20? I'm thinking of that for a first car.