2005 Infiniti G35 6MT Sport Edition Sedan 3.5 Liter V6 from North America


The best value on the market for a reliable, comfortable, performance sedan!


Center arm rest started to make a little bit of squeaky noise if I rest my arm on it. Intermittent so the dealer was not able to duplicate it for repair. I rubbed some candle wax on the part and the squeaking is gone.

Clutch pedal assembly would release a faint "click" sound upon slowly releasing the clutch pedal. Dealer fixed free of charge.

General Comments:

An amazing deal. I paid $32,211 before tax & license and the car has been nothing but a dream. Crisp acceleration, smooth gear shifts, reliable performance. I even get the stated 26 miles per gallon.

This car handles as if it were on rails with the sports suspension package. I would only purchase this car with the six-speed manual trans. Clutch action is very smooth and sensitive so it gets some getting used to, but once you get used to it you will love it!!

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2006

2005 Infiniti G35 Sedan 6-Cylinder, 280hp from North America


Infiniti has stolen the crown from the BMW 3 series with the introduction of the new G35


Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

Trading up from a Toyota MR2 Spyder, I thought I would regret my purchase; however, after driving the G35 from Jackson, Mississippi to Atlanta, Georgia, I'm now certain I made the right choice. I felt like I was driving my favorite chair down the interstate, with my home theater system turned on. Even when I turned off the stereo, road noise was minimal. After arriving in Atlanta, I realized I could have kept driving all the way to the coast. That NEVER would have happened after being beaten all over the road by the MR2 (great for getting around the city, but trips over an hour? forget it).

The buying experience was truly amazing. My brother-in-law works for Nissan, so I planned to use the "friends and family" discount, so we expected to be treated like welfare recipients; yet, the dealership greeted us with open arms. We were in and out in 2 hours (by comparison, when I bought my MR2, it was a 6-hour process). The dealership gave me more than my car was listed for in the Kelley Blue Book and financing was quick and simple (3.99% for 60 months). The longest part of the sales process was learning about the car from the salesperson, who took obvious pride and pleasure in showing off all the bells and whistles. Infiniti receives an A+ for the buying experience.

The car feels substantial on the road and is amazingly fast (one should definitely use the cruise control when possible).

The only con I've found is the gas mileage; however, I figure if you can afford a luxury car, you can afford premium gas. I should also note that I was spoiled by the excellent mileage on the MR2, so this has been a big change for me.

If you're shopping for a luxury sport sedan, skip the BMW and Acura and head straight to Infiniti. You'll be glad you did.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2005

13th Jun 2009, 18:40

Great post. I bought a 2006 G35 Sedan, which is pretty much the same car as the 2005. My driving experience was similar to yours.

In 2006 my air travel was nearly 85%, so I got to rent some really neat cars at the airports, including the Infiniti G35. Anyway, after landing one evening in Jacksonville, Florida they upgraded me into a G35 (at the time, I was not familiar with what a G35 was). Well, when I got in the car I immediately noticed how comfortable the seats were (ergonomics is the most important internal feature of a car for me). Then when I cranked up the car and headed out... WOW!... was I in for a shocker!.

After my first ride in a G35, I was sold on the car. Prior to that, I had lived in Italy, while the owner of my company provided me a BMW 330 for me to drive while over there. Needless to say, I do not remember the BMW ride being particularly remarkable. Otherwise, I would have wanted to buy one upon my return to the states at the time.

So far, I have enjoyed my car. I take excellent care of it and intend to drive it through its useful life. I particularly love the sound of the engine, as well as the acceleration that it provides. You have got to be on the look-out for road debris when traveling on the highway though. The car sits so low to the road.

Prior to purchasing my G35, I drove an Isuzu Rodeo for eleven years. Infact, I am still driving it, however; the G35 has restored the fun and pleasure of the driving experience. Consequently, I will probably remain an Infiniti driver, unless they goof up on the design & performance aspects of the car, which of course they cannot afford to do, considering the pressures of international competition.