2005 Infiniti G35 X 3.5 V6 VQ35DE from North America


Great in the snow, off the line, and on the freeway... but not at the pump


Nothing major.

Valve cover gaskets started to leak around 75,000 miles.

General Comments:

Overall, my G35 has been an amazing car. The performance is very impressive, considering that the car is a 3600lb luxury sedan. 0-60 comes in about 6 seconds, and I've had it over 130mph. Of course, handling suffers a bit from the hefty weight, but a corner-carver was not what Infiniti had in mind when they made the sedan model.

In the snow, this car is phenomenal. It has a "snow" mode and vehicle dynamics control that keep the car in a straight line and under control. I had no problem getting up hills and away from lights in the snow, even on all-season tires.

The tip-tronic style "sport shift" is a nice feature, but I do not use it much unless passing or merging on the freeway. It seems that at higher RPMs there's a bit of a lag time between you "shifting" to a different gear, and the transmission actually shifting into that gear.

My only problem with this car is the weight. Since it's 3600lbs and all-wheel drive... and has Nissan's VQ35DE V6 under the hood, gas mileage is not the best. I typically average 16mpg on mostly city driving.

Another issue that is most likely due to the curb weight is how quickly the car eats brakes. All four of my rotors have warped twice. Infiniti has a customer support campaign out that will replace rotors at no cost to the owner, but the fact remains. It feels as if Infiniti put Nissan Altima brakes on the G35. 3600lb car with 3000lb-car brakes.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2011

2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe gas from North America


The Uber-Z


I just traded a much-loved 56,000-mile 2003 350Z for the '05 Infiniti Coupe--with 50,000 miles on the ticker-- and I've only had it a couple weeks. Nothing (save for a couple of blown bulbs on the side running lights) appears to be wrong with it. The car is in Primo shape and appears to be well-taken care of.

General Comments:

This car is like driving the Z's Big Brother. A little heavier, a little bigger, the G is the Linebacker to the Z's Quarterback. I was instantly at home when I slipped into the G's leather bucket seat.

The dynamics of both cars are so similar--acceleration, cornering, braking--that I can't really moan about the change. Even the exhaust note is the same.Overall, I get the same sensual feel from my GT-type G as I did from my Sportscar-type Z.

I did lose a butter-smooth 6-speed when I traded, but the G's Tiptronic-type manumatic can be shifted through the gears nicely, as sharp as a manual tranny.

The interior is where the big difference lay. The overall dimensions of the front cockpit feel about 20% larger than the 350's, and factoring in the back seat makes the inside feel cavernous.

I think I'm going to like this car, and I don't think I lost very much at all with the transition.

Just an actual Z-car that I was mad in love with...

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2007

2005 Infiniti G35 X from North America


Nice car, with an obvious design problem


A rock hit my A/C condenser, and it cost me over $700.00 to repair. There is an apparent design flaw in the front bumper. There is a hole directly in front of the condenser that will allow a golf ball size rock to directly impact the condenser. Consider buying another model.

The 2006 model has changed this design by closing up this hole. There aren't any other design changes outside from the 2005 to the 2006 model.

I was stopped when the steam and coolant vented outside the engine compartment. I hope this wouldn't be a safety issue if this was to happen on the freeway.

General Comments:

Infiniti wouldn't consider helping pay for the repairs, and I guess that's their position. I'm not happy with their lack of willing to accept that they have a design flaw.

I will not consider Infiniti on my next car purchase.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2006

8th Aug 2006, 20:27

You'd not buy an Infiniti because of a one in a million chance of a rock hitting a tiny part of the car? Rocks hit windshields too and cost near 700, you want Infiniti to pay for that?

9th Aug 2006, 13:31

Golf ball size rocks should not be on the road. And don't float above the road hitting peoples condensors. Good thing it didn't hit your windshield. Or a motorcyclist. What are you doing, rallying the car?

Another serious design flaw with the car is that it will be damaged when driven into a telephone pole.

That's silly.