31st Aug 2006, 13:39

Holes that allow rocks to hit vital parts ARE design flaws. Infinity MOST DEFINITELY should pay for such negligence, regardless of how rare the occurrence. Rocks are everywhere and getting one thrown into low openings is not that hard. I had to install mesh behind a poorly designed grille opening in my truck for this very reason (and NO, my truck has NEVER been driven off paved roads). Give this reviewer a break. He has a very valid complaint.

31st Aug 2006, 13:43

I really love the G-35 and would have bought one had it not been for Nissan (the parent company) having such a bad reputation for reliability and customer service. Your situation is a good example of this lack of concern for the customer. I'm glad we opted to go with an American car.

4th Sep 2006, 16:56

Gee, if Infinity windshields cost $700 (see comment above) I definitely don't want one. We just had a new windshield installed in our large SUV for $169.

8th Sep 2006, 11:51

I agree with this reviewer: vital parts of the car should not be exposed to damage by rocks, especially not to golf-ball-sized rocks.

My wife's Mazda Miata has the same issue: its radiator sits directly behind the opening below the bumper. The radiator already has multiple small rocks caught up in it. There are mesh grilles out there as aftermarket parts, but customers should not be responsible for repairs that are design flaws.

All cars have windshields that are exposed, but not all cars have mechanical parts that are exposed.

19th Sep 2006, 15:44

All cars have a weak zone. Stop this talk about others being responsible ($$$$$) to PAY for every thing that happens in this world. This attitude is a serious disease that is weakening our country. Accept the risks or stay on the porch!

29th Sep 2006, 12:40

I agree to above post, all cars HAVE problems.. it shouldn't be their fault if a ROCK hits something and breaks it. Windshields should be covered by your insurance NOT warranty. If something prematurely fails then YES it should be covered by warranty.

22nd Mar 2008, 22:35

I own an Infiniti G35, where is the radiator exposed?

5th Apr 2010, 20:34

The original poster also said in his review that Infiniti fixed the problem by covering the hole on the 2006+ model. The fact that Infiniti/Nissan acknowledged there was a problem and corrected it would make me want to buy their products.

5th Dec 2013, 21:26

Love this comment as it reflects common sense and not emotional misjudgement...