4th Sep 2006, 17:08

The Mustang GT of luxury sports sedans? Hardly. The G-35 is a great car, but it comes nowhere near the Mustang GT in performance, while costing twice as much. For what you pay for the Infiniti name you could buy a loaded Mustang GT, drive it 10 years and replace every part in it and still be several grand ahead.

16th Sep 2006, 20:45

Dude, you so misinterpreted what I was trying to convey! For one it's a compliment and for two I was referring to the "bang for the buck" factor. For the price of the G35 you get so much performance compared to the likes of BMW, Lexus, etc. While they are terrific cars in and of themselves, when it comes to what you get for the price - there's just no reason to look at purchasing the other cars in my opinion.

17th Sep 2006, 18:51

True, the G-35 is light years ahead of the far less reliable BMW's and the ludicrously overpriced Lexus. The cars (G-35's) are, in my opinion the best value in their class. I know there is some question about Nissan's reliability record, but I still like the G-35 better than any of the over-priced and over rated competition.

4th Jan 2007, 10:17

Dude the mustang is nothing compared to the G.

17th Feb 2008, 00:23

The Rust-tang GT better than a G? I almost spit out my coffee. I tease my co-workers all the time who own Mustangs and Pontiac Bonnevilles, etc. how the domestics need a V-8 to produce the same or less power than my V-6. AND I have the 2004, which is only rated at 260!

Any monkey can buy horsepower and stomp on the gas. A true driver can make any car hum.

9th Mar 2008, 15:31

Have you guys had problem with feeling the vibration of the road on the pedal of your accelerator. I have a 2004 Infiniti G35X with 66,000 miles.

11th Sep 2010, 08:09

Overall, they are good cars. I have a 2004 G35X model with the extended warranty. I purchased the car in 2008 with 42000 miles. According to the dealer, it had its 40k service, new tire, new pads and rotors.

Well, it's several years later. I now have 62000 miles on it and have changed the oil with Mobi1 synthetic every 5000 miles with a high quality filter myself.

I have changed out brakes, pads, rotors and calipers. Calipers were almost welded together to their bracket on their caliper slide bolts.

What's more, I started my G up the other day and it sounded like it was going to blow up. I shut it down immediately and had it towed to my mechanic. It appears to have spun a rod bearing or worse.

I called the local dealership to find it was out of its extended bumper to bumper but still in its extended powertrain warranty (which covers the engine). After speaking with the Service Manager, he said he would need proof of oil changes every 7500 miles or he won't be able to get Nissan of North America to cover the repair.

Here's the kicker, I changed the oil myself and didn't keep the receipts for the purchases of the oil and filters. I have spoken with my autostore, where I bought all the oil and filters, and am having him confirm I bought it. The owner of the Motorsports shop will confirm I brought my waist oil there, over 10 gallons over the past 2.5 years.

After doing some research, this engine issue is way too common. I've had Nissans with 200k+ miles on them and no internal engine problems. I always change my own oil and filter with better than OE spec materials.

There are other issues too, common to the VQ35DE engine, G35s and X model sedans. Horrible mileage when not driven correctly, really bad tire wear (often caused by bad compression rods, which are also noisy), rattling body noises, Clearcoat and paint problems.

As this is my wife's car, I wouldn't buy one again. It's way too unreliable and expensive for the amount she drives. She had a BMW 325 before which we got rid off due to its expensive repairs. Now I wish I would have gotten a Ford Ranger. They just work with a minimum of fuss.

I hope this helps. Just look up VQ35DE (engine model) problems, noises, in Google and you'll find a host of problems. To be unbiased, disregard the drivers who've done aftermarket mods to theirs and focus upon the daily drivers.

It is a little bit scary looking back how bad the car model (especially the engine) really has been and not too many changes have been done to remedy the problems. That is unless you are under warranty and you have documented service records.

12th Sep 2010, 18:31

I really wanted a G35 due to the beautiful styling. They are gorgeous cars. However, as a mechanic, I was aware of numerous problems that Nissan was having and steered clear of the G35 after reading numerous complaints and talking to very disappointed owners. I opted for a less refined (and less expensive) Mustang, and in three years of driving have found it to be absolutely flawless in every respect. I don't regret my decision.