2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe 5AT 3.5L V6 from North America


Stylish, Lots of Power, and the AWESOME exhaust sound


Memory for one touch automatic power side window on passenger side went at 20K.

Spoiler light went at 22K.

New bolts for rear axle at 25K.

Replacement of front brake pads as they were separating.

Luckily all of the above were covered under warranty.

General Comments:

I've had my 2004 G35 Coupe for 7 months now and have so far enjoyed this beauty of a car. There's plenty of power under the hood and the exhaust emits a great tone (It's actually one of the best things about the car).

The car is a real eye catcher on the roadway with its sleek styling which has much similar lines to the 911.

I've had a few problems, but all were taken care of by the dealer. Even the brakes are covered under warranty for 3 yrs or 60kms.

The car is a ton of fun to drive and handles great with the 18 inch Michelin Pilot Sports gripping the road. With the traction control off, the car will slide out sideways with no effort at all... I never get tired of putting this car to its limits. The power is seamless and just seems to keep on going. If you drop your foot to the floor, the car will keep accelerating and accelerating. I have had it up to 220km/hr (approx 135mph) and I'm sure it will keep going!!

Unfortunately all the power translates to awful gas mileage. I get less than 500kms (300 miles) in a particularly large gas tank that requires it to be stocked with premium gas. I will admit that I do have a bit of a lead foot, but that is what this car yearns for.

As with most sports coupes, the backseat is fairly small and the trunk is almost non-existent, but the rear seat does fold down which makes some extra space.

I'm not sure if I would get another one as they are rather inpractical as a 4 season vehicle in Canada combined with the lack of backseat/trunk, and lousy gas mileage. However, you are only young once where you have total control over your purchases and thus, I thought why not!! With a good set of winter tires ($1500) combined with the traction control, winter driving is relatively painless up to this point.

Although a G35 coupe will prove not to be a repeat purchase, I will most likely stick with Nissan/Infiniti for my next car purchase in another 18 months or so.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2005

2004 Infiniti G35 X 3.5L V6 from North America


The Mustang GT of luxury sport sedans


Nothing has gone wrong.

There is a slight rattle in the driver's door armrest when the radio is turned up.

General Comments:

We did a lot of research when choosing a vehicle this time. Our choices came down to the G35, Acura TL and the Cadillac CTS - while there were pros and cons for all three, the G35 shined!

I love the AWD system, it is a truly ingenious system. With normal acceleration from a stop, power transfer is 25% front and 75% rear. The system constantly monitors traction and will distribute power to each wheel individually based upon need. After it gets to a certain MPH, power goes 100% to the rear giving you that great RWD driving experience. In more slippery conditions, the split can be 50/50. It even has a snow lock out mode so you can be 50/50 all the time. Even though this car has tremendous power, the tires won't break loose even with the VDC system (traction control) turned off. An outstanding system!

The engine just loves to rev and revs smoothly throughout the power band - I think the 260HP/260lb ft torque is underrated. I've already ran at the local drag racing track and pulled a 2.18 60ft and crossed the 1/8 mile trap at 9.45 @ 75.10 MPH (this converts to a 14.7 in the 1/4 - right on par with the magazines). This was done with a completely full 20 gal. tank of required premium gas. Very impressive for an almost 3,700lb car! After market components are plenty, but so are the prices of them - expect to pay more than usual.

Shifts through the automatic transmission are crisp and the quickest I've experienced. The auto stick is a neat feature that doesn't get used much because the transmission does a terrific job by itself. There used to be an annoying lag between auto stick shifts before we added an aftermarket Grounding Kit from Grounding Gear. Now shifts via the auto stick are instant.

Steering effort is a little stiff, but turn in is quick with good feedback. Pressing the car hard produces slight under-steer, but it remains predictable. This is due in part to a stiff suspension that's not overly harsh. The rougher roads can be unsettling at times though, but remember... this is a sports sedan.

The High Intensity Discharge lights are bright as are the LED's in the rear tail lamps. The chrome accents on the exterior are tastefully done and in my opinion, mask the performance capabilities from those who don't know any better. The rakish look is rounded off by 17" alloy wheels fitted with All-Season Goodyear's that have surprisingly good bite.

Inside, we are treated to amenities galore! We opted for not getting the Navigation and we've regretted it ever since. Seats are comfortable, but I wish the front seats were the same as the coupe's - they are the most comfortable seats I've sat in. I've read different opinions on the interior, but I think it looks rich. I really like how the entire instrument panel moves with an adjustment of the steering wheel. The audio system really bumps and shakes the mirror into confusion. The heated seats have a hi/lo setting, which is good because hi can really start to bake. Steering wheel controls are "levers" instead of buttons which I feel are more intuitive. Leather is soft, but not as plush as it appears.

Like I've already stated, the interior has a lot of amenities, but I do have my gripes. One is that Infiniti only provided a pass through for the rear seat instead of folding seats. The AC/Heat controls can be confusing to adjust while driving. Lastly, out of the three 12V receptacles - none of them stay on when the car is off.

But the overall experience of the car far supersedes my small gripes. Motor Trend hit the nail on the head when they voted this car as their car of the year. Granted that was the coupe, but Infiniti has made the transition from sports car coupe to four door sleeper seamlessly. You really get a lot for the money. It's a beautiful car that you can expect to maintain it's value for years to come.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2005

14th Jul 2006, 15:04

I've owned a 2004 G35X for about 2.5 years now in the NW USA. I have to agree with the review: it is an excellent all weather family/sport sedan.

The navigation system is excellent, but I hate how it will not let you enter an address when moving even sitting in the passenger seat. Makes it nearly worthless sometimes. Thank the lawyers for that feature.

The only drawbacks seem to be a high level of road noise for a car in this price range, and some annoying reflections in the wind shield when driving at night (which I've learned to ignore after driving it for two years though). The brake pads ran out very quickly, but were replaced under warranty. Aside from that the car has been trouble free (28K miles).

It handles very well, but you can't hide the weight and the fact that it is a sedan and not a sports car. This is my first and only car with an automatic transmission, and while I wish it had a six speed manual it is still a hoot to drive!