2009 Infiniti G37x 3.7L 328HP from North America


Almost perfect!


While driving the car on a hill at low speed (about 30 km/h), the transmission would get stuck on the 2nd gear (safety mode). Strangely, the problem would disappear when I would turn the engine off. I brought the car to the dealer, but they could not find anything wrong with the 7 speed transmission. Then, it happened a second time in very similar conditions. Took the car to the dealer, but again, they found nothing wrong with the transmission. This time, the dealer decided to reset the software (transmission management software).

When it happened a 3rd time, I went straight to the dealer... on the 2nd gear (!) to have the mechanic test drive the car while experiencing the problem. It appeared the dealer had seen other G37's with the same problems since my last visit. According to the Service Mgr, Infiniti had found a bug in their program and they were still working to solve the issue (reprogramming the software). So the dealer could only reset, one more time, the software. It's been 5 months since my last visit and the problem has not reoccurred. Still, I have never heard back from the dealer regarding the new version of the software Infiniti promised.

The other problem I had is a cracking noise coming from the windshield. It was easily fixed by the dealer, but can't remember what they did exactly.

General Comments:

At first, the transmission problem has left a sour taste in my mouth... especially on a car with a price tag of over $40,000. But since the problem has not reoccurred, all I could say is the G37x is a wonderful car to drive. You really feel the road, and the handling is simply amazing.

Also, the seats are comfortable, and the G37x has a VERY quiet cabin.

In the snow, the 4WD does the job very well, and has nothing to envy of the competition.

Finally, the G37 has perhaps the most beautiful design in its category.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2010

23rd Dec 2010, 10:50

It is the Japanese BMW, with all of the problems of BMWs, namely shocking reliability and the ability to put a smile on your face. I find BMW and Infiniti make very good passenger car 4WD systems.

26th Mar 2014, 12:54

I currently have my third and fourth Infinitis: a G37x and a Q50. They are as trouble free as any car I've had, requiring no maintenance other than oil changes. BMWs, on the other hand, are best leased, since one doesn't want to own one off warranty.

9th Sep 2014, 03:55

You were trying to say Infinitis have problems like BMW??? Not in your lifetime dude; maybe you want to wish they would have problems like BMW and other German manufacturers, but never. BMW and Mercedes, you pay for the name; their reliability ranks among the worst. Japanese cars are a million times more reliable, and only every so often will it have any problems besides regular maintenance. My G35x never had an issue from brand new until I sold it 4 years later.

9th Sep 2014, 03:58

I agree with you 100%, and Mercedes as well.