1995 Infiniti Q45 from North America


Good bang for the buck


Starting to wear on the upper portion of door panel.

Also wearing on the top of steering wheel.

Brakes need to be replaced frequently. maybe I should change my driving style.

Seats starting to show slight wear.

Paint is rather weak. starting to show signs of fading in clear-coat, even though I wax it bi-monthly.

General Comments:

Love the car. the power can't be beat. it has it all. luxury, power, class and style. the view from the rear 3/4 is particularly lovely. the car is really under-braked, making it not as much fun as my previous Audi on twisties and switchbacks, but overall, a fun car. since I spend most of my time in my car, it's a joy to own.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2004

1995 Infiniti Q45 4.5 Liter V8 from North America


The luxury sedan with a sporty flare


Nothing has major gone wrong with the Q45 since I fist purchased it back in 1995 except:

The automatic radio antenna stopped working and had to be replaced.

The computer information display read "brake pads worn" even after they have been replaced.

The plastic sunroof buttons broke and had to be replaced.

The vanity mirror's cover broke on each side, blowing the bulbs.

The leather steering wheel cover began to peel; it was covered with an aftermarket steering wheel cover.

General Comments:

This car upstages my 1993 LS400 in almost every aspect. When I bought the LS in 1993 I was sure I would never find a better vehicle that offered the power, luxury, safety, and style at an affordable price. The Q45 is highly underrated. I don't understand why the Q45 stands in the shadow's of cars like the LS400, Mercedes S-Class, and BMW 7 Series. Today I still get questions about the make and model of the car. The Q45 is roomy on the inside and it holds my family quite comfortably. It performs like a much smaller sports coupe, acceleration is exceptional for such a large car. But all of this performance does has a cost. The gas mileage isn't the best and the car requires premium fuel. Another cost for the performance is the trunk which is rather small. But its worth it when passing all those slower luxury cars in the right lane. All in all I would rather drive the Q45 than any of the other more expensive luxury/performance sedans. Because it has a somewhat low resale value it is ideal for the family on a budget.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2003

1995 Infiniti Q45 Q45t 4.5 from North America


280 Classy Pony's


Nothing has gone wrong. All I have done was change my fuel pump at 70,000 miles. Costs about $300.00. Small price to pay for such a beautiful automobile.

General Comments:

I bought this car for 11k. It had 60k miles on it, which where all highway miles. But for the amount I got it for, and the reliability it gives me, in my opinion, it steps all over BMW and Mercedes. And even if it's a 95 model.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2002

1995 Infiniti Q45 275 HP from North America


Simply, a underrated dream machine


The fog lamps quit working at 57,000 miles. Bulbs do not seem to be replaceable. Any suggestions?

General Comments:

This is the most luxurious car I have ever owned.

The car is especially quick for its size, few compare to its performance.

Many bells and whistles.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2002

4th Feb 2004, 20:21

The fog lights can be fixed very easy, replace the bulb cost about $20.00 Infiniti dealership.

11th Nov 2004, 11:52

Fog light bulbs are replaceable with H3 bulbs. Recommend Silverstars throughout. Do not use cheapie Chinese imports nor tinted bulbs.

1995 Infiniti Q45 T 4.5 from North America


Anyone ever tow a boat with a Q45?


Two complaints, first the heated seats have a mind of their own, they go on and off at random so I had the dealer disconnect the wires. The struts have blown 3 times, but the manufacturer replaced them at no charge. I drive the poor car really hard and I'm sure I contributed to the strut problem.

Very little to complain about, it's more reliable than any BMW or MBZ I've owned and just as fast and nimble as the early 500SE or M535s.

General Comments:

Incredible car for the money, I bought it used for $22,000 with 22,000 miles.

The value of the car drops like a rock, but who cares, the only car better is the new S430 MBZ.

This is a 95 Q45t, I drove the new 2002 Q45 and Infiniti is almost back to the quality and performance of the early cars, I will buy one of those (when it's 3 years old of course).

Anyone every tried to tow a boat with one of these? I'm looking for comments, I know the transmissions were weak on the early cars, but this is a 95.


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Review Date: 3rd June, 2001

1st Mar 2002, 01:42

I have found a Q45t for only 12k, with 75k miles on it, a 1995 model... I was wondering if you feel it is a good deal, either way I'm going to buy it this weekend, its in mint condition, all original parts, no accidents, nothing not even little door ding's...

What do you think?