2002 Infiniti Q45 8 cylinder from North America


Overpriced car with only one place to bring for repairs


Has burned 1 qt of oil every 3000 miles since I first noticed it at 29000 miles. At 44,000 miles infiniti finally agrees to short block repair.

General Comments:

Very nice to look at, no room in back seat.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2005

29th Aug 2008, 08:18

You are kidding right? I quart of oil every 3000 miles is NOT excessive.

12th Jan 2012, 14:16

I think 1 quart every 3000 on a low mileage car is more than excessive.

31st Jan 2016, 08:52

The burning oil or vanishing oil syndrome the Q45 and 03 - 04 M45 have can apparently be fixed by installing a oil catch can. You're right about repairs. Older Infiniti vehicles are overly complicated with high part prices and minimal aftermarket support.

31st Jan 2016, 19:05

Both the M45 and the Q45 are great bang for the buck cars (especially the 2002-2004 year models). And yes they are not a daily driver, but a fun around the town car or weekend warrior. In my area of southern California they are mostly priced below $6,000 for a clean one, and the cheaper you get it the better. And have a mobile or neighborhood mechanic to work on it. Dealership work and parts are out of the question, just too expensive. The internet has a sea of part sellers for those cars, especially eBay for used and new parts. On eBay, stick with the sellers that allow returns and have a high customer feedback tally scores.

I have never been concerned about mileage on these old school Japanese cars; I am concerned about condition. Most of these cars are plug and play... take out the old part and put in the new one. The internet has so much advice on keeping these car up through YouTube videos and forums discussions. We now live in a disposable society; well off people buy these expensive top of the line cars and then get rid of them for very little money.