1999 Inokom Permas 2.2 petrol from Malaysia


A great vehicle of all times


This is best van I have driven throughout the Malayan Peninsula. The road stability is unmatchable. The paint work is of the highest grade. I am still driving it and it works wonderfully. Only setback is I am unable to buy its spare parts; currently I am looking for the brake master pump and it is sold at unreasonable prices. Many a time the spare parts are heavy priced to kill the market.

That was the best van still used by many businesses.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2021

1999 Inokom Permas 2.1 from Malaysia


Don't buy!


This van is a Renault Trafic made in Malaysia under the name Inokom Permas. This is the worst van I ever drove. I had a Toyota Hiace before this and it was excellent.

I will never buy a Renault Trafic again. The dealer also never took care of us.

The engine and gearbox spec is really the worst in the world. It will sound very hard, like driving at 240kmh, even at 80kmh.

General Comments:

I would recommend anyone to never buy this stupid designed van.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2005

4th May 2005, 15:57

Well, you could always have test driven it before buying it...

15th Dec 2005, 03:58

The desk board is worst like “keropok”no guarantee, It very difficult to get the spare parts. Right now my rare excel damage and cannot repair, I asked Quasar for the spare part, he said I need to buy complete set which cost RM 8,000.00. I don’t know what to do, Please Help me….

18th Dec 2005, 08:25

I think your situation is beyond help. What were you saying again?

27th Aug 2006, 04:30

As a testimony of how unpopular this Inokom Permas is, the Reserved Price of a 1999 model for auction is only RM5,000 and still there are no takers:

1 JFM 2727 INOKOM PERMAS 2.1 1999 RM5,000.00 Selangor APAC (Subang)

6th Jan 2009, 02:29

I've driven one of these Inokom Permas from Kuala Lumpur to Kunming, China through challenging Thailand highways and winding Laos road & back to Kuala Lumpur within 2 weeks without much problem. Only required one minor service along the way.

28th Nov 2010, 04:30

Hey, I need to find a Inokom Permas complete gear box. Any of this vehicle going to the scrapyard?

21st Mar 2011, 10:29

I need to replace the gear selection bushing for my Inokom Permas van. Can anyone help me?


1st Apr 2011, 00:33

Hello, can anyone advise what engine can be used to fit into an Inokom Permas?

I would prefer REAR WHEEL DRIVE. Auto would be nice.

The Inokom Permas High Roof is indeed a good buy, except for the engine is the very disturbing factor.

Thanks for sharing.

17th Dec 2012, 06:30

Hi, did you get the engine transplant, what type of engine is suitable? I'm also looking for one high roof, but worry about the engine & gear box. I'm from Penang Malaysia. Please keep in touch, my e-mail is sktang70@yahoo.com. Thanks.

6th May 2014, 22:33

Some say Nissan engines can go in, but I've no idea what model it was. Anyway, these vehicles are now decaying on Malaysian roads. It's very hard to get spare parts; there's no support elsewhere.

28th May 2014, 21:38

I have this Inokom Permas model year 1999. I have a problem with thick white smoke from the exhaust. Don't know what to do, and the fuel is terrible.

7th Mar 2017, 12:56

Maybe you can use a Toyota HiAce pre-used complete set axle from the second hand parts dealer?