1998 Isuzu Amigo 2.2L from North America


Pleasantly surprised


Fuel gauge of course.

General Comments:

Knowing full well about previous reviews, I bought this as a second vehicle for the back road exploration.

It will climb and crawl over anything I care to challenge. Ground clearance isn't as high as a Jeep, but it has multiple skid plates and isn't a problem.

The 4 cylinder has plenty of power at 3600' elevation, and always delivers in the 20s.

The biggest surprise is how nice it handles and rides. The torsion bar front suspension eats up the bumps. It is a full fledged truck underneath, and the slightly bouncy ride was expected.

It's easy to work on for a novice mechanic, and parts are quite available and inexpensive.

This is not some glowing approval for an extinct brand, but a nod for anyone eying an off-road candidate.

I specifically chose a 4 cylinder for the economy and to avoid the known V6 troubles.

I hope this helps someone's decision for a fun, tough option to a capable Jeep type alternative vehicle.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2015

1998 Isuzu Amigo 2.2 Gasoline from North America


Great Car!!!


Under body rust when purchased.

Right CV boot replaced shortly after purchase, then the left CV boot replaced about a year later.

Starter replaced in the Spring of 2006 and then during the Winter of 2008.

Replaced the Soft-top due to wear.

General Comments:

First off, since this is a 4x4, the Amigo's 4x4 performance on sand really surprises me. I don't even have to let the air out of the tires to drive on sand, however that would increse traction on the sand. It doesn't bog down in the sand when I let off the gas, and I've yet to get stuck. It is great on snow, and unless it's really deep, I don't need 4x4. Mud isn't much of a challenge either however, it would require the use of 4x4.

Mine has a 2.2 liter sized engine, compared to other SUV's on the road that is small. However, I do average about 25-26mpg during the summer, so that does keep a smile on my face, considering where gas prices are going nowadays (Note: Most of my driving is on the highway).

Another thing that I like about this car is that its great for surfing; I can just slide my surf board in through the open soft-top and take it to the beach.

I would definitely buy another! I will honestly miss this car, when I eventually will have to part with it. Isuzu did a great job in the design and manufacture of the Isuzu Amigo.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2008

11th May 2008, 11:54

Interesting review with all the negative postings. My V6 with only 100,000 miles when bought uses oil every 250 miles. Inflating the tires to max pressure and replacing plugs does nothing to improve 21 miles per gallon. I too had to replace the starter and what a problem! Remove the exhaust, rusty bolts ughhh. c clamp hold the manifold up because the stud broke off. A real good auto store sells them - Car Quest in my neck of the woods not NAPA.

4th Apr 2013, 12:24

You are right, for surfing it was amazing. I'm going to miss my car so bad.... great car.

1998 Isuzu Amigo from North America


This would not be my first choice for a long term vehicle


Had lots of little stuff happen, but every repair seems to cost more than on other vehicles I've owned. The sun roof cover broke off after one year (never replaced it). All the plastic knobs on the seat adjuster have fallen or broken off. More small stuff too numerous to mention.

Brakes went earlier than expected.

Had to replace a engine sensor/chip recently.

The big repair came just recently at 67000 miles. The Amigo was idling roughly and almost killing. Had it diagnosed as the timing belt. If you check the Internet, it is a very common problem at this mileage and it is NOT a cheap fix even though the belt itself is.

General Comments:

It is a cute vehicle with some up side, but after 50000 miles, all bets are off. Save some money for the repairs.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2007