3rd Sep 2002, 20:15

Do not buy an Izuzu!!

I bought a 91, and in two months I replaced the fuel pump, oil pump, carb, and then it started to burn oil.

If you own one and it is starting to act up, see it!!

4th Jan 2003, 22:48

1991 Isuzu pickup now has 212,000 miles. Replaced oil sending unit, muffler and tires. It's been great.

29th Apr 2003, 03:48

Isuzu TFR 54, YOM 1993. This is a wonderful Toy that I have since 1999. The mileage is 377,500 km. (Anyone with better mileage?) I maintain it so nicely and it is the best vehicle next to a Mitsubishi IO Pajero or a Toyota Prado (Which costs ten times more or so). Great dual purpose vehicle. I will never sell it and probably my seven year old son will drive it when he is 20! I am from Colombo, Sri Lanka and my mail address is naushadusoof@hotmail.com if you need any help with your pickup.

11th May 2003, 12:05

I had a 91 Isuzu Space Cab that I traded in for a '97 Mazda 4X4. Worst mistake I ever made. The Isuzu never gave me any problems in all the years I had it. Now I have nothing but repair bills. I'd buy another Isuzu if the newer ones weren't really S10's.

13th Sep 2003, 05:55

I have a 1990 spacecab which has travelled 285,000km, replaced a head gasket at 250,000 km. nothing else comes close in regard to comfort,low maintenance and value for money.


New Zealand.

22nd Jun 2004, 11:51

I keep having to put engines in my 94 truck. I also have trouble with oil leaks. I would like to install a 6 cyl. engine in my truck to replace the small 4 cyl. that it came with. Is this possible?

14th Oct 2004, 07:21

1992 Isuzu Ext. Cab--Worst Purchase Ever!

I bought this car 10 months ago with 81,000 miles. Drove truck for less than 8 mos. blew a head gasket. I had the head rebuilt, but the truck runs rich. No one could figure out what was wrong, and told me it was the engine computer. I removed the computer and sent it for testing, and nothing was wrong with it. Put the computer back in the car, and went to the Isuzu dealership to have a diagnostics run on it, and the dealership could not get their diagnostics machine to read the computer in an Izuzu truck. In other words, their computer couldn't read their computer! Their suggested solution--Buy $1,800 computer and they'll try to diagnose it again.

Needless to say, the truck's not worth it. Would never have another, especially in light of the ineffectiveness of the Isuzu service department.

Robin H.

3rd Jan 2007, 19:35

I bought my 92 Izuzu pick up about a year ago from a kid that was selling his after he was t-boned in it. Before I got to it some kids down the street from him got drunk and came down and smashed every window and slashed all the tires, so I had to fix all of that stuff before I could get it legal. Now I change the oil every 3000 miles, but I have had one problem with it. I had a vacuum leak, and if I stopped it would shut off. I got that fixed and it has been running strong ever since.

22nd Mar 2008, 02:40

I had a 1992 2wd single cab and when I got it, it ran like crap. It had 112,000 miles on it. It took for ever to start in the morning and sometimes when I was driving, it would just die out of nowhere. Then it would be almost impossible to start for about 30 minutes. But would I buy another one? oh yeah!!! in-fact, I was trying to find one until I found this site.

22nd Apr 2008, 09:53

Bought this truck from friend who needed money 6 years ago for $1000.) ), a Georgia truck, no rust, just recently turned over trouble free 200,000 miles. Best and most reliable purchase, for ANY price I ever made in my life.

I change oil every 3000 miles, drive the hell out of it; most serious problem I had, aside of normal maintenance, was replacing driver's side window handle, which broke.

Isuzu's have it heads and tails over any other small pickup on the market... might look like an S10, but tremendously more reliable... like all japanese vehicles as opposed to American made!

6th Aug 2011, 03:27

I am writing this comment after 8 years, and I still drive this Isuzu pick up TFR54. Now the mileage is 633,000km. I recently gave it a full paint job. I hope to drive this till I can't drive anymore... still does 14km/ltr on long distance..

23rd Feb 2012, 18:31

I have a 1996 Isuzu TFR 4x4 with a 2.5 4JBIT 4 door pickup. I was wondering if you'd had any problems with the fuel pump, since I have 359000 miles on mine, and my tick over changes every so often. I was wondering if it's a problem with the AC or the fuel pump being dirty, or something? It seems to tick over at 5-6 hundred RPM, then after driving or revving, all of a sudden it drops RPM, then comes back again to its normal tick over?

4th Aug 2012, 23:00

What mileage are you getting? I have a 96 Isuzu TFR 4 door 4x4 2.5 4jbit. I changed the water separator, fuel filter and overhauled the injector pump. No problems since, but I'm currently having consumption problems on hard acceleration; it smokes badly. Suggestions? Just had my injectors calibrated.