2002 Isuzu Rodeo LS 3.2 V6 from North America


Decent, solid vehicle for the price


Within the last 2 years, the items below have been replaced:

EGR valve.


Engine wiring harness.

1 O2 sensor.

Resealed the rear axle.

General Comments:

Overall this has been a solid car. I don't understand all the negative comments from other owners. I guess some don't maintain their vehicles and treat them poorly.

We bought it new and have maintained it regularly. It has a solid feel and decent acceleration at the low end. It's sluggish when accelerating at higher speeds, but you don't buy one of these for the performance.

Within the last 2 years, a few items have needed replacing. The radiator started leaking and needed replacing. The most expensive was a short in the engine wiring harness, which was $1400 at the dealer, but they were the only ones that could diagnose the problem. The rear axle needed resealing.

These burn oil, so the oil should be checked regularly and topped off when necessary. The fuel filter should be replaced every 30k to keep it running good, and don't forget the timing belt.

Overall, a solid car.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2013

2002 Isuzu Rodeo LS V6 from North America




I love this vehicle! It does have its issues though..


I totaled a Dodge Ram when it rear ended me, so it's like a mini tank

Perfect for a girl (like me) or a guy.


Doesn't use too much oil.

Gas mileage is okay (it would be better for me when I get the check engine light fixed).


Great to go mudding in :)


It squeaks when you go down a bumpy road or gravel path.

Rear windshield wiper didn't work when I got it.

Check engine lights have been on since I've had it.

O2 sensors (all 3) need replacing.

Catalytic converter needs replacing.

Exhaust leak near the front of the vehicle.

Compressor for the air conditioning is going out.

Front passenger window is starting to slag in the track, but still rolls up fine.

This was a repossession and had over 160xxx miles on it, so mines going to have issues. I'm getting them all fixed, and thankfully the parts I've found (new) have been cheap. I love my Isuzu, and if I could trade it in for a brand new one (same make and model), I would (mine has a few dents and scratches because of mudding and the dummy who rear ended me)...

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Review Date: 11th March, 2013

2002 Isuzu Rodeo LS 3.2L V6 from North America


A very good vehicle


Replaced oxygen sensor at 120,000 miles.

Replaced timing belt and water pump at 100,000 miles (preventive maintenance).

Normal maintenance performed at proper intervals.

General Comments:

Was reading some other comments on this car, so thought I'd chime in.

The car has been very good and reliable. Does use oil and the rear wiper no longer works, but overall, I got my money's worth out of it.

Still own it and drive it. Also use it for towing utility trailer. Will need some transmission work soon, but what would you expect with 185000 miles on it?

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Review Date: 24th October, 2011

2002 Isuzu Rodeo S 2.2 from North America


Piece of junk, I would never, ever, ever buy one again


What things haven't gone wrong...

Neutral safety switch went out.

Gear shifter snapped.

Head gasket blew at 65,000 miles ($4000).

I've had three coolant leaks.

Transmission just went out, but I can't see what's wrong because the hood release cable decided to break as well!

I've had this car not even two years, and have already had to replace the brakes twice; they definitely prematurely wear.

General Comments:

I haven't had money to keep up with regular maintenance, because I spend about $300/month fixing things. Piece of junk, would never, ever, ever buy one again.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2009

2002 Isuzu Rodeo LS 3.2 V6 from North America


Great value, would buy again



General Comments:

I don't get why everyone hates these Rodeos. My family has four of them, ranging from 01's to 03's. We have never had a single problem with them. We originally bought one for my mom and enjoyed the treatment at the dealership and the quality of the vehicle so much we came back for 3 others. If you drive like a maniac and gas hard and brake hard of course you are going to have issues and excess oil consumption. My first car was a 1990 Isuzu Amigo 4x4 and I did my dumb teen best to destroy it in the mud and swamps of Florida, but it was too well made. That vehicle made my father a believer of the brand. And if you do have any major problems, of course there are exceptions when you mass produce anything, you always have the lengthy 10 year warranty to comfort you.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2007

20th Mar 2008, 06:20

I own a 2002 Rodeo LS I bought it with 58k, and now I am at 69k. I love it.

Before this I owned a 1999 Rodeo LS for 5 years. My kids drove it and beat the crap out of it, and it still never gave me any problems. It finally died last year with 170k miles.

I'll never switch, and I would buy one again!