2002 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2 V6 DOHC from North America


If you don't get a lemon you're lucky


I had a similar problem with oil consumption or oil pump, I had bought and extended warranty for two thousand dollars and the ford garage I bought it from wouldn't back it up. I had the main bearings go out and have spent months trying to get the right parts and get this piece put back together and sold. good bye bad news.

General Comments:

This car was great and ran great until the main bearings went. I am going back to good old chevy's.:)

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Review Date: 28th October, 2005

2002 Isuzu Rodeo S 3.2L V6 from North America


Just the right size, style and price for me


After almost three years of ownership, the vehicle has performed very well and I have had nothing go wrong except for my current and only visit for repair. The problem: the fog lights fill with water while driving in the rain. When I tried to take the back off to replace a bulb, the plastic crumbled and fell apart. When I took it to the dealer for warranty replacement, I was told that these units were not under warranty as they are considered non-Isuzu parts. The lights came with the car and were listed on the factory window sticker as components of the "Sport Appearance Package". The sales person and his manager certainly made no mention that some items on the factory window sticker are not covered under the full car warranty.

General Comments:

Do these people understand that consumers have the power to vote on products with their checkbooks? If I cannot trust the warranty to cover a little thing like fog lights, I'm not sure that I can trust it when something major breaks. Goodbye Isuzu!

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Review Date: 19th August, 2005

28th Oct 2005, 10:49

WRONG!! Isuzu is just reorganizing itself in the U.S. They are actually going to re-release the Trooper in 06-07 and they have already picked up the Chevy Colorado pick-up as a small pick-up in their line. We just got an Ascender which is basically a Trailblazer with an extended warranty included and a huge discount on it. Actually it is more upscale like the GMC Envoy and it is still cheaper than the TB. Don't count them out yet!!

23rd Dec 2005, 15:53

Do they still sell the RODEO? I haven't seen any 2005 or 2006 models.

23rd Dec 2005, 16:27

The Rodeo (as well as the Axiom) were not avail in US after 2004. The only thing Isuzu had to sell last year was the Ascender, and now that is apparently going away too. Had not heard that the Trooper is returning, but given the drop in truck-based suv sales, it would seem doubtful.

They should bring back the I-Mark (the rwd one). Now, that was a car! especially with the diesel engine.

2nd Feb 2006, 09:54

There are no other problems with my cousins second rodeo. It's a 2004 rodeo to be exact. there was a little crack on the windshield I think. Other than that, I'm happy with her second rodeo. I'm also happy with her first rodeo which is a 2002 isuzu rodeo until she wrecked it. If there are problems with you, please be to write it. thanks.

2002 Isuzu Rodeo LS V6 from North America


When I bought it new in Oct. 02, I noticed a loud clicking sound when starting the vehicle. Took it in and was told the only thing that was found was loose battery cables. I just took it into because the transmission may be slipping. Anyone else had these problems?

General Comments:

I like the look & price that's why I bought this one for my first SUV. It handles really good.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2003

1st Dec 2004, 21:08

I just recently purchased an 02 rodeo ls 4x4 and the transmission is totally gone after having it for 3 months. Is this a problem with that year or with all Isuzu products?

12th Jan 2005, 15:08

I have an 02 Rodeo LS that I brought brand new... recently at 36K miles, I had a leaking Transfer Case Seal which was replaced under warranty and my 6disc changer quit working, fixed under bumper to bumper.

Just this past week, my transmission was lurching down the highway and my Check Trans light came on. It's at the dealership right now and they can't pinpoint what is causing the slip. I am getting very worried about the reliability of this SUV...let's just sat I'm looking at getting something else this spring.

Are Isuzu's not well made, they sure seem to have a lot of transmission issues.