29th Jul 2001, 15:47

We bought ours used in 1999 and have put 25,000 miles on it in two years, it is over 100,800 miles now. We have towed U-Haul trailers from California to Minnesota, down to Florida and back to California again. We like it a lot. The only things we have had troubles with is the power locks, back lift gate and then even after replacing the starter it takes a few turns to start.

6th Aug 2002, 20:44

I have a 1994 ls, v6, 2wd rodeo. can I just say that I LOVE IT! I have owned it since 1999 when I bought it from a friend (w/86k) who had it since new. it now has 150k on it and is running strong. all I've had to do is oil changes and some maintenance since going over 100k. so far, the starter, timing belt, water pump, and some other misc. items, but nothing too major. I was rear ended once and t-boned another time and it handled both like a trooper! a trip to the body shop and my rodeo's good as new! I am going to be in the market for a '97 4wd ls as soon as this one's paid off in feb!

18th Aug 2002, 01:52

Just purchased a used 1995 Rodeo LS last week. Drove it 1300 miles without a single problem! Strong engine and passing power on demand with the 24 valve V6. Achieved 21-22 mpg for the whole trip. Before I departed, I had the oil and filter changed as well as a full fuel injection system cleaning. A cheap $40 investment that entails the cleaning of all functioning fuel injection system parts from the inside out. Most 'quick' lube places offer this service and is recommended for any car with a fuel injection system with more than 40,000 miles logged on it. As well as repeat cleanings after 20,000 miles prior the first 40.

I can be certain that this improved the immediate acceleration as well as my over all mileage performance for the trip. The gas pedal sprang to life immediately after the treatment and the vehicle continued to drive noticeably better with considerable engine power increase.

The truck is amazing. The 12 disk changer (optioned in the LS) makes the miles just click away on the OD.

6th Nov 2002, 15:48

I have a 95 Rodeo 4x4 with 125k mi, I bought it used with 35k on the motor, I have put this truck through all kinds of off road obstacles, I've had it in water up to the bottom of the windows and have never been stuck, I've also pulled my 2600lb boat around to several lakes in Texas, it has never left me stranded.. I replaced the clutch at 50k miles and the water-pump and timing belt at 100k miles (not that it need it either) kept the oil clean and it's been a really great truck, my wife has a 98 Rodeo that we bought new, it's just a 2WD, but it's just as good.

23rd Nov 2002, 22:58

I have a 95 Isuzu Rodeo Sport. Nice Car. Had to replace the clutch at 80,000 miles. The clutch has been my only major problem. But I do have a problem with a ticking noise. I wish someone would please tell me the truth about what that noise really is. I have been told that it is the lifters or spark knock from low octane level in gas.

Will someone please tell me what that ticking noise really is???

27th Jan 2003, 16:51

I have a 1994 Isuzu rodeo 4wd 4dr Grey truck and I just adore it. I bought it used and it's my first truck. I have 176000 miles on it and it has been excellent. I bought it used and all I've done was change the oil, new battery and checked the brakes it didn't even need new brakes! I bought it with 4 new tires on it and it has never left me stranded, even in this cold weather. "Suzie" as I affectionately call her, is my blessing for my 2year old daughter and I. I haven't yet made too many repairs on her. But I am going to change the belts,fuel pumps, transmission fluid and clean the fuel injection. I have to keep her up so she'll keep me going. I also want to say by living in Philadelphia the snow in winter is very harsh to our engines and some cars won't start and are stranded. While everyone in their brand spanking new cars are on the side of the road "Suzie" and I are rolling by.

19th Mar 2003, 12:01

I have purchased a used 1995 Rodeo LS 4x4 in 2000. First Isuzu I have ever owned. Drove it 900 miles from VA to GA Then another 1200 miles to New York without a single problem! Strong engine and passing power on demand with the 24 valve V6. Achieved 19-21 mpg for the whole trip. It had 45,000 miles on her when I bought her, now she has just over 75000 miles. The only problem I have had has been with the brakes, I had to replace all 4 in 2002. I just love this truck. I would recommend it to anyone.

1st Jun 2003, 20:03

The dreaded "tick" just means you have a true Isuzu. It will eventually strike everyone and it is nothing to worry about.

2nd Jun 2003, 12:50

I have a number of problems with my 1995 Isuzu Rodeo LS. First of all, it has a hard start, smell fumes and gas when its running and the power windows stick sometimes, please somebody let no if you have any of these problems so I figure out whats going before I spent a lot money on it and put in the shop. Thanks.

8th Jun 2003, 11:04

I have a 95 Isuzu Rodeo LS. Have replaced the radiator, battery, tires and I am now having a problem with it starting. Each day is more difficult. It goes 'click, click' anywhere from 3 to 20 times before it will start. Anyone out there have a suggestion on what it could be? I am limited on my finances. Oh yes, it is a 4WD.

30th Jun 2003, 16:24

What clicking noise could be caused by ground wires attached to the wheel wells? Are you saying something like a corroded battery post or something? I'm also having that problem with my 97 Rodeo S 4x4. We're going to pull out the starter and change the contacts and see what that does. It's been getting harder and harder to start lately, just clicking when I turn the key, but I turn it back to the off position and then try again and it fires right up. Today however, it doesn't get past the clicking, so we're off to pull the starter out. If anyone really knows about these 2 ground wires and where to find them to clean them, PLEASE email me asap to save me some $ on unnecessary repair costs. ropesoffking@hotmail.com.

13th Jul 2003, 22:16

My wife owns a 1994 Rodeo 4x4 (I do all the work on it). She bought it with 74,000 miles, and has put about another 74,000 on it. Major problems we've had with the truck are: (1) The "tick-tick" starting problem (which we had fixed by replacing the alternator and the starter, but it still takes a good 5 or 6 seconds of cranking to get it started), (2) the passenger side window regulator has gone south - I got it rolled up most of the way and we just don't touch it, (3) the rear glass hatch doesn't latch properly, (4) it consistently sounds like the valves are clattering, and (5) an annoying oil leak.

Other than these problems, we do love the truck. It's been very reliable, runs smooth and fairly strong, and is a very comfortable vehicle. I towed a large U-haul trailer from Houston to Montgomery, AL without a problem. I even tugged it straight up our steep (20+ degree incline) driveway.

The Rodeo has been a very nice vehicle, with a few very common problems.