15th Nov 2007, 20:39

I own a 2001, 5 spd tranny. I have had no major problems and have followed factory maintenance schedules. The only problem I have had is a loose drivers side window gasket, which I am too lazy and cheap to fix. This vehicle has been off road and driven round trip coast to coast, without failure. I have just switched to synthetic oil and the Rodeo is fine. The plugs have never been out of the vehicle, in 40,000 miles and the average mileage, with the V6, is about 17 mpg. I also drive motorcycles and that is why the mileage is low. I like the Rodeo and will keep it for at least 10 years.

11th Jan 2008, 17:30

I purchased a 2001 Rodeo in nov. 2004 from a dealership.

It had 45k on it. at 63k the tranny went! NOT COVERED!!!

2,400 for new one. Then over a six month span I noticed my brake light was on. Then my fuel I gauge wasn't registering., then the light for the clock on the dash went out. then the rear wiper stopped working. The passenger side seat belt locks so you feel strapped to the seat instead of being comfortable. Prior to the tranny going I also had the same problem as listed above with the shifter not wanting to come out of park. I had to replace all the shocks. And you still feel every slight bump with a vengeance! The truck has been at the mechanics since Thursday trying to track down the source of all these glitches. And just like any glitch, He said He'll either find the source of the short, or possibly it's a loose wire going to the dashboard grid. Worst case is the computer needs to be replaced by the dealer! Re-programed by the dealer! and costing about 1,000$$$$!!! Needless to say there's still a 9k note on the @!*!~! truck! NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN!!!