11th Jan 2009, 17:57

96 Isuzu Trooper.

I have spent $800 bucks so far trying to find out why in cold weather my engine races and won't calm down till it is turned off for a few minutes. The idle sensors have been replaced and I just had a new radiator put on. My only clue is the upper hose on the new radiator is very warm and the lower hose is still cool to touch after 15 minutes on the interstate. What is my problem?

20th Apr 2009, 20:41

Thanks for all the comments! I almost passed on a Trooper because of the lifter click noise. Now I see it's common...

14th May 2009, 13:29

I bought my 94 Trooper a year ago with about 115k on it...

So far my experience with it has been great! I was concerned with the engine oil problems expressed on other pages, but now understand they're based on the 3.5 engine rather than my 3.2 DOHC...

My gas mileage is 17 or so on the highway and of course less in the city. The handling is secure, though not sporty... (What do you expect from a SUV?) It's my first SUV and I love it! Upon buying it, I soon found that the driver's seat back was literally broken (both posts) and went to a salvage yard and got a new cloth seat... then to another and found leather seats from another LS (same year) for $60...I now have great leather seats! I sold my old front seat on EBAY (the cloth one I bought) and have the cloth back seats (in great shape) for sale on ebay... or email me kenawoolsey@yahoo.com and I'll sell them to you! (brown in color)...

I replaced a few other cosmetic items on the truck with salvage parts from the salvage yard and now have a "perfect" truck!

Other than a new timing belt, and fixing the sunroof module, the truck is great and currently serves as my primary vehicle for business and for the local fire department...

I love the roominess, versatility and design of the truck... it uses no oil, and rides very comfortably on long trips... snow her in the NC is a breeze too... I'd highly recommend it to anyone!

14th Sep 2009, 14:25

I just recently came into a 94 Trooper with the V-6 engine that I assume is 3.2 ltr. It has 171,658 miles on it. I really don't know if it's the SOHC or the DOHC version. I haven't taken the time to check that yet. It rides extremely well in my opinion. The only thing that concerns me is it has really low oil pressure. I know that 10 pounds of oil pressure per 1000 RPM is enough but it barely gets that. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, is this something normal or do I need a new oil pump? Also, I do hear a light noise in the engine. It almost sounds like a small diesel engine. Other than that I am very happy with it. I like the overall appearance, ride quality and interior layout. It's a shame they quit building and selling these vehicles in the U.S.

20th Nov 2009, 15:40

I have a 93 Trooper LS with 223K. When I start it, it acts like it's running rich, Or like it's flooding. Gets better after you drive. But has a slight miss going down the road. Timing belt was replaced less than 30k ago. Just put new plugs and wires, & new alternator. Tried to have codes pulled, can't find the plug.

30th Nov 2009, 17:15

Your VIN (vehicle identification number) can tell you if you have an SOHC or DOHC engine. This holds for the 94 Trooper, I'm not sure if it holds for other years or models. If you have a V in the # you have a 3.2 SOHC. If you have a W in the # you have a 3.2 DOHC engine.



22nd Jan 2010, 23:31

I have a 1994 Isuzu Trooper LS 3.2L DOHC. It has 263000 kms. Two weeks ago it started making a ticking, buzzing sound near the right front of the engine. After reading some of these posts, I changed the timing belt, the timing belt pulleys and the tension pushrod assembly. I also did the waterpump since I was there. I was really worried I might have bad rod bearings, but this fixed it. The other problem, which I haven't figured out, is the engine runs so cool that at highway speeds the temp gauge drops to zero. I changed the thermostat, but no change. Anyone have a fix?

1st Feb 2010, 11:07

I have a 1994 Trooper with 170,000 miles (3.2 engine). My timing belt broke at 65 mph down the highway. I was told that the mechanic could fix it for $630.00, but said it might not run right after that, he recommended me not fix it it. Any ideas or suggestions? That is the only transportation I have, and I don't have money to buy another vehicle. Thanks.

19th Oct 2010, 13:16

I have a 1994 Isuzu Trooper, 3.2, 4wd. It is in excellent condition with the exception of it needs a transmission. This vehicle was given to me by my sister. I am looking for a used transmission in the state of Michigan. The model of the vehicle is a LS, 4dr. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of a good used transmission, reasonably priced, please contact me at 313 4271095, thank you.

20th Nov 2010, 12:12

I have a 94 Trooper S with 140k miles, and I'm trying to find replacement carpets, but I've not been able to find any for the Trooper (even though the Trooper II carpets are available).

Has anybody else run into this problem?

And will the Trooper II carpeting fit the Trooper S, isn't there a size difference or something?

Any help would appreciated.

9th Feb 2011, 18:28

We have a 94 Trooper S with a 3.2 SOHC and 170K miles on it, and it is part of the family. I bought it in 04 with about 100K, and it has always ticked when it wants to, but runs good, and will pull or climb just about anything.

At about 120K, it started that knocking, and my mechanic located the problem and called, saying that the belt looked pretty good, but the hydraulic tensioner was the problem. I told him to replace the belt anyway, and if I had only known that the water pump was in there, it would have been replaced too. Yep, it just went out, so I did some research and found a photo journal at http://www.docstoc.com/docs/2605947/This-document-attempts-to-provide-a-photo-journal-of-the-timing. There were a few minor differences such as the pivot bolt for PS pump is on the opposite side, but it was pretty accurate. It was a tough job for me, but I was being very careful with the timing, and noticed that my mechanic had put his own white marks on the top end, and they matched. The driver side was one tooth off from the diagram. It appears that Jim (an excellent mechanic) put the replacement on exactly like the one he took off; after all, it had been running fine, or so we thought.

It now has noticeably more power and so far no ticking. I always thought she needed a little more power, and one side had been a tooth off the whole time I have owned it.

I love this truck more than ever. As much labor as is involved just to get inside the timing covers, I recommend changing everything.