7th Jun 2006, 19:31

I just purchased a 1999 Isuzu vehicross in Canada where they are more rare than the US as they never imported in the first place. It's a great fun vehicle to drive with lots of power and off road ability, I could have gone for a Honda, Toyota or Mazda, but give me a Isuzu any day!

8th Jun 2006, 08:52

Still looks like some kind of mutant reptile from outer space to me!

12th Jul 2006, 00:10

I've just started looking for a good used VehiCROSS. Based on my research, it seems the reliability has been above average. I would welcome any comments about things to look out for. Found a 2000 with 50k in great shape.

I say if you don't like the looks and/or don't appreciate the engineering, go buy a bland sedan or econobox, or Silly Urban Vehicle. This one's got both style and substance.

15th Dec 2006, 10:09

Is the gas mileage really as bad as I've read it to be? 15/19 is pretty bad, IMO. Anybody else see the VehiCROSS as a super-duper-sized Suzuki X-90?

16th Dec 2006, 07:58

15/19 bad? Well, let's see, gas mileage ratings for Jeep Wrangler 6 cyl: 15/17; Ford Explorer Sport V6 15/20; Toyota 4Runner V6 16/19...and some of those are not even 4WD! You don't buy an SUV for gas mileage!

And the VehiCross does not resemble the dorky-looking Suzuki X-90 -- not in the least!

22nd Feb 2007, 13:38

I believe that the desire to buy a VehiCross is more or less an emotional one than it is one of practicality. I must admit that it is quite an eye refresher in a very crowded and homogeneous SUV market (old and new). This is what has endeared me to this enigma from the start and one of the main reasons I hope to own one very soon. I had the pleasure of test driving this vehicle around 4 years ago and it truly exceeded my expectations. The car fit like a glove and had good acceleration at highway speeds. Truly food for the narcissus.

16th Aug 2007, 09:41

I am the proud owner of a 2001 Black VehiCross that has 24k original miles, and has been obviously garage kept in the winters. I get favorable comments and head turns all the time, and of course people think it's brand new and are amazed when I tell them it's 6 years old.

I absolutely love my VCross, and am SO glad that I bought one the last year they were made! The uniqueness of this SUV is why I own one - it's different from any other, and I like it that way!

17th Jan 2008, 15:23

VX space toy, beautiful...different...but has to be pampered.

1st Feb 2008, 13:04

What is the reliability like on these cars? I've seen an LPG with 90k on the clock in the united kingdom.

19th May 2008, 09:54

I just got back from Moab, I took my Vehicross through trails that would make most Jeeps and Hummers cringe. The short wheelbase and excellent clearance gives it the ability clear very advanced obstacles, and with its stiff limited slip diff and excellent rear articulation, you can crawl like a gecko over almost anything.

I was surprised how tough the frame was, it didn’t squeak once. It might have something to do with the full box frame beams and the solid rear axle hosing like a ford 9inch.

They should have the Vehicross as the definition of tough in the dictionary. You will never see a Honda SUV off road in Moab, well except for the Hondas Isuzu built.

28th Apr 2009, 09:49

They are an Amigo with a space suit on. The styling is "take it or leave it" and very subjective. But, underneath it just a plain jane Amigo, which is not all that good.

27th Jul 2009, 20:05

I have a 99 Isuzu Vehi-cross with 133K miles on it. Problems have been few during its 10 years, but it's time to trade it in as a clunker, since the driver side door will not open, the shocks are gone, the interior leather is cracking. It's a shame though, since it still turns heads, and has such power... I wish I could buy another one new.

25th Jan 2010, 17:27

My Vehicross has 160k on it now. Bought it in 2006.

I have replaced the tranny, several sensors, and 3 broken flywheels since then.

I drive it about 500 plus miles per week for work. Engine still going strong.

Will drive till 200k and then park it.

Definite collector mobile down the road.

5th Dec 2010, 17:47

I've always loved the VehiCROSS, and a yellow one popped up at a local used car dealer recently. Looked fantastic, great shape, everything working, mileage at about 110,000, but very well taken care of.

I started doing some investigation, and have found that the engines in these SUVs aren't exactly known for their longevity. I was reading online about some owners having serious engine problems with as little as 50-70,000 miles! Also, owners of Isuzu Troopers (same engine, apparently) having similar issues, $4000-5000 to replace the engine, in some cases.

Sorry, but I reluctantly decided to pass... will just admire these from afar from now on.

8th Feb 2012, 21:28

One of the fortunate synchronicities of the Vehicross, is that it shares the same engine and drive-train of the Trooper of the same year.

25th Mar 2012, 12:11

I am finally the proud owner of a 2000 Vehicross! I've loved the look of these since they first arrived in 1999, and finally got one. I was lucky enough to find one with only 29k miles, and it feels like a brand new vehicle.