1973 Jaguar Daimler Sovereign 4.2 litre from UK and Ireland


Brilliant, silly, RUBBISH!!!


Everything! The car was a dead dog. Wonderful!

General Comments:

A 1970's Daimler Sovereign. Straight six 4.2 litre twin carb. That was an aircraft engine with so much grunt!

It left a vapour trail of rust when gunned, and hissed like a steam engine after only a few miles. The fan was like a WWII fighter plane's propeller, truly massive!

The car was shot to pieces, but what a laugh!

Two petrol tanks, a silly kick switch for the head lights, and LEATHER arm chairs! A body constructed from pure 24 carat rust and poster paint. Brilliant!

The power that the 4.2 litre nuclear power plant developed, simply stripped the body work away! I bought a pup and flogged it into the grave.

What a blast, and 9 miles to the gallon. STUPID! I was a boy at the time, so nevermind! Simply fantastic silliness!!!

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Review Date: 10th June, 2008

18th Nov 2008, 15:49

I'm browsing the web for an old high powered bargain to enjoy in a non serious way... Your review cracked me up, and was simply honestly brilliant... reminded me of Withnail and I. Just your happy go lucky description of your 4.2 nuclear power plant...

I want to buy a knackered old one, over 30 years old, so that the tax is not an issue here in Ireland, and instead use that money to fill one of those two fuel tanks.

Thanks for the sincere laugh... I really enjoyed it.

29th Dec 2008, 04:42

I'm glad you enjoyed my review. Just a word of advice though.

If you do buy a powerful old dinosaur, get some fire retardant clothes; lots of life cover and a write your own obituary before taking to the road.

Oh yes and if one of the exhaust pipes falls off, as mine did, the old pig will accurately mimic the mighty roar of a Spitfire. Terrifying the first time it happens! You'll hit the kill switch faster than you can say 'Jack Robinson' but you won't say that...You'll use a four letter Anglo-Saxon word instead! Enjoy!

13th Aug 2009, 15:53

24 carat rust... and so much lift that it stripped the body work away... you crack me up.

But why couldn't a grand car manufacturer like Jaguar build a strong / reliable / problem free car?

They had the know-how, so why didn't they?

I'm thinking of buying a Jag / Daimler, and I've found a few but they all have high mileages...


Are they really that bad?

9th Sep 2009, 14:28

Look up the history of British Leyland and you will find your answer.

7th Nov 2009, 18:11

In some dark, forgotten corner of a weird world.. A Dame lies.. Preserved and in 'factory' condition.. It's owner will be bespectacled and have many Biros, protruding from a breast pocket.

This owner will not be the 'keeper' of a PIG! And the Dame will be glorious!! Shame... a rusty pig trough is the one to go for!!

If you want a good car... then buy one.. want a laugh though... and you have to look!! Grunt pigs are relatively rare.

15th Aug 2013, 06:03

Yes, but British Leyland also made the wonderful Range Rover. And others to name.