1966 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 from UK and Ireland


New tyres.

Restored leather seats.

General Comments:

An exciting car in its day and even more exciting now. What a great British achievment to embark on in the Swinging 60s.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2000

20th Jun 2001, 15:31

I think this is a very good car, the best they ever made probably. I like the 5.3 V12 the best, even though they made it later on.

16th Sep 2002, 12:07

Recently purchased a Series 1 4.2 Litre (UK car). Has exceeded all expectations. Some aspects of it are clearly dated (as you would expect), but fantastic looks, superb performance and a purchase price that was equal to or less than that of most modern equivalents. Look very carefully to get a sound one (seek advice from the clubs eg. JDC or JEC). They need more TLC than modern cars, but the experience is totally different - a cross between hand-built carriage, a rocket and a tractor! Exhilarating.

5th Jul 2003, 17:03

These are very nice Antique car's my Uncle has a white 1964 Coupe with the Straight six 4.2L with the 4 speed manual.

8th Jun 2004, 21:10

I love almost all Jaguars. E-type is one of my all time favorites (along with XJ-220). I rated your review excellent, and I only use that for the best reviews. Wonderful car you have and I hope it lasts forever.

11th Oct 2007, 12:17

Surely this is the worst review ever?! How many words?

8th Jul 2008, 10:46

This year of E-Type was surely the finest. I believe this was the last for the enclosed HL & the fighter-like toggle swtiches. The 4.2 was a great engine. It is unfortunate that the vintage "car craze" here in North America has pushed these great cars, and many others into a league of near in-affordability.

16th Sep 2013, 11:57

The prices seem to have gone down & now are crawling back up. They are one few cars that "got it right". Don't screw up what was designed right & enjoy being a caretaker. I love the brilliant Jaguar engineering of that time, which built such a sweet joy to drive & look at.