31st Jan 2008, 23:28

Two years ago I bought a 2001 S-type Jaguar with 3 liter engine. It had 49,000 miles on it and no extended warranty. It did very good until now. Although there were no signs of a problem the famous Gear Box Fault lit up. Since the nearest Jag dealer was over 50 miles I took my car to a couple of Ford dealers to get the diagnostic codes. They couldn't get them. So I decided that maybe a transmission specialist could do the job. They did and my problem was a code P1788 Pressure Contol Solenoid B with open circuit. Cost to replace was $455. I figure I got off light and don't plan to go to a Dealer again.

8th Feb 2008, 17:17

I have a 00 S-Type V6. I live in NY. USA.

I have 105k miles on it. I will not drop one dime into this car.. not worth it.

I replaced the driver and passenger windows.. all 4... the sunroof plastic clips to the track are broke.. don't care.. stereo plays Japanese symbols.. who cares..

Half the time I turn the key and nothing happens.. that's why I kick and punch my car everywhere and then it'll start later in the day...

Other than that.. yes.. it's warm.. looks so sexy on the outside.. the white leather interior was a bad choice due to getting dirty really fast.

I'll drive it till it blows up.. then I'll let it roll into a ditch and I'll say my goodbyes.. until then.. I drive it like a Honda.. race and beat the crap outta it. I shift gears even though it's an auto.. only goes down to 2nd. Which is sooo lame.. it's my car.. if I want it to go in first and first only.. that's my choice...

Oh yeah.. the radiator hose on the bottom of the block above the thermostat.. I replace that about once a month.. nice play to stuff hoses and belts.. word of advice.. the new Hyundai is lookin nice.. and they run forever.. just hope Jag wakes up and realizes that they were bought out by Ford because they don't make money on garbage.. but then again, Ford is horrible too.

16th Feb 2008, 13:22

I thought I had done my homework when I bought my wife her 01 3.0 S-Type. The reviews were good and so was the reliability rating, unfortunately I hadn't found this site...

Now at 50000 miles it is a wrestling match to get it into D. You pull it over (or try to), pull it into 4, and eventually it will go into D. It does the occasional stutter going down the road... I'm just afraid to take it to the garage and find out what it's going to cost. Thought about trading it off, but I'll lose big on that end too...

Geez, so much for getting what you pay for...


23rd Feb 2008, 21:55

My '00 Jaguar S-Type story.

I purchased it in '07 with about 55,000 miles. It immediately had transmission problems. It would slip constantly, the "Gear Box Fault" warning displayed, and once I put it in Reverse, and it drove forward. Fortunately, the dealership rebuilt the entire tranny (or so they say), free of charge. Occasionally it will still slip on an incline.

Parking on an incline, will be difficult to get it in gear, but through this site I read putting the parking break on before putting it in park should help. The air bag light blinks occasionally. The passenger, and rear passenger windows came off track, costing approx $350 each. The trunk only pops open 50% of the time, when using the remote. Only half of the heated windshield works. And today I just noticed the engine symbol on the dash is lit. I can't recall if it had always been lit, or if I'm just paranoid.

If any class action suit evolves, I'm interested, DSOSA@PNM.COM.

11th Mar 2008, 19:51

I bought a 2000-S type V6 with 64,000 miles on it back in April '06. By reading some of the horror stories posted here, I should have guessed something was very wrong when I noticed that the dealer had the shift mechanism torn apart the day I was supposed to pick up the car. They said one of the mechanics that was prepping the car had leaned over and accidentally snapped the shifter. They assured me that all would be fine and that I could pick up the car the following day.

The next day I picked up the car and on the way home the "fail safe mode" kicked in. The car would only go about 5mph. After a week of returning to the dealer, they finally figured out that this problem was the "Air Idle sensor". Luckily they covered this at $350.00.

The rear window defroster never worked and still doesn't.

Last summer I had a steering fluid leak which upon inspection, I discovered it was coming from the steering rack and not the pump. I replaced that myself at a cost of around $400.00 total.

Now with 89,000 miles on it, I got the "gearbox error" message this morning out of the clear blue going to work. It was having a hard time going into high range and overdrive slipping like mad. If this is what I have to look forward to then I'm in as far as a law suit goes, either against Jaguar or Ford, maybe BOTH!!

Pdigio3838@msn.com in case someone pursues a class action case.

Pat D.

16th Mar 2008, 16:51

I truly empathize with all of you who have fallen in love (or your spouse has fallen in love) with this beautiful piece of JUNK. My thoughts are that maybe we could run a large (full page) add in a few nationally syndicated newspapers warning others and referring to this site... this might hurt Jaguar much more than a protracted and possibly obscure class-action law-suit...it would be expensive, but cheaper than a law-suit...and it might have a greater impact. Problem might be whether any newspaper would take the add. I would contribute to this... problem would be finding the person who has the knowledge to take the lead on this... and that's not me. We would need someone who knows how and where to place this add.

27th Mar 2008, 12:52

I bought a Jaguar S-type 2001. Last year of May we first got it for 59,000 mile and now it's at 71,000 miles. I just had a car wash yesterday and after the car cash @ low fuel. The next time I start to start it.. I get a shake in the car.. and then finally the car engine comes on (yellow light).. The car still runs fine, but it shakes a bit. Anyone having this trouble.. can a car wash affect a car or the low fuel?

Email me @ Anancientrelic@aim.com if anyone is having this trouble. I want to be a part of something if this is might be an engine problem or transmission problem..

27th Mar 2008, 16:21

2000 S Type V-8-- Head lights (high beams) are on continuously. I cannot extinguish the lights. With light switch turned to the off position lights will not extinguish. I cannot change to low beam lights with the dimmer switch.

The dealer said I must have a short in the electrical system. I am certain they have seen this problem before my Jag, however they wanted me to leave it for them to explore the problem.

If any one has info on this problem please e-mail me at masmnd@aol.com.